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Question about thyroglobulin

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I know several people of posted information about the thyroglobulin level post TT & radioactive iodine. Will being on thyroid replacement (levoxyl, synthroid, etc.) effect this level? Basically I was wondering if I had to be off the replacement prior to checking the thyroglobulin level. I would appreciate any information.

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I would ask your doctor, I know for me, We're trying to completely suppress both my Thyroglobulin and THS levels. But obviously I'm not a doctor. lol Sorry I wasn't much help :( But yeam for me I've had to be on my hormone replacements to get an accurate test, since I'm using the homones to control/suppress my thyroglobulin and TSH. When my bloodwork is done on when I'm on my hormones it gives us an idea of whether or not I'm on the correct dosage. - Hope that made some sense lol

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My answer is exactly the same as Sally08's answer. You need to be on your meds to see if your numbers are where they should be.

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