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6mm Hypo Attentuating Liver Lesion

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During a CT scan of my chest for respiratory disease, the found a 6mm hypo attenuating liver lesion in segment VCIII of my liver, along with my right kidney has an unusual contour.
I just wondered if anyone knows anything about this hypo attenuating type of lesion. I've done some research and haven't been able to find any info on it that the word carcinoma wasn't next to it. I am in addiction recovery andvwas tested for Hep C about 8 yrs ago with one GI doc saying I had it but it was dormant and my current GI doc saying I was exposed but don't have it. I haven't had any symptoms except chronic back pain on my right side, that I think is from an old back injury.
I am really trying not to freak out. I have an ultra sound scheduled at the respiratory facility, but have turned the CT results over to my GI doc and am waiting to see what he says.
I know I have a 50-50 chance that it's nothing, but just want to know...
Any info you might have would be appreciated....

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