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Does anyone who had RAI have kids?

31wCancer Member Posts: 1
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I had the right side of my thyroid taken out 9/22, the left 10/15. Cancer on both sides. I'm getting Thyrogen Monday and Tuesday and then RAI Wed.

Because I have a child and only 1 bathroom in my house I'm spending a night in the hospital.

Does anyone know if it will effect my child? The doctor keeps telling me no, but I'm very nervous. I read somewhere online that kids who were exposed to RAI have a higher chance of getting Thyroid Cancer. My mom had thyroid cancer and RAI 25 years ago, and I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my cancer. What about preparing food for others? The doctors keep telling me that I'm safe once I leave the hospital but I'm very nervous. I just want to protect my family.

Any advice would be great!


  • Rainbow2110
    Rainbow2110 Member Posts: 6
    Children & RAI
    I am in the UK England.
    I had a high dose of 150 of RAI back in April, with two injections two days before so I didnt need to come my Thyroxine. Due for another small does in December.

    I have a little girl of 3, I stayed in overnight & was at a very low level on discharge the next morning. Apparently if you have the injections before & stay on meds, your body flushes the RAI out quicker than if your off your meds as your body slows down.

    I was advise not to sleep next to my partner for 10 days, Flush the toilet twice. Not to share baths towels,& toothes ect or share cutlery, plates & cups.

    I was told not to sleep with my daughter & to keep her at least 6 feet away from me for 15 days, babies are longer you can have a quick cuddle but keep them away from the neck area & no sloppery kisses!

    My daughter was just at the age to understand I had a lump in my neck & the doctor was making me better so she had to keep her distance which she thougt was quite funny, she had more cuddles with daddy & nanny.

    Good luck it is not as bad as you first think.