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We are being discharged tomorrow

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Betty in Vegas
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We are going to be discharged tomorrow, I am learning how to deal w the feeding pump today and getting all organized to go. I am so excited to be leaving and to see the turn in Layne--which was miraculous!

Today, he walked downstairs to the piano and fountain and we listened for about two hours. Later, we will go see our friends, Betty and Norris, who are on the third floor (he has liver cancer.)

What sweet, sweet posts to our carepage we received. And how grateful we are for all the information that other folks who have walked our path have shared with us. Today, Daphne from the ACOR list came by to give us a hug personally. Wow, she looks fantastic, and it was AWESOME because she got to see her doctor, (Hofstetter) and thank him personally. What a lovely moment that was.

god is good. All the time.

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You both must be thrilled to be going home.
Keeping you in my prayers and remember to stay strong.

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Hi Betty,

I just wanted to let you know how easy the feeding pump is after 2 weeks, I have it down to
about 7 min from start to finish in hoooking Al up not that its a race. I just wanted to let you know that it really isn't so bad.

I also wanted to let you know how well things are progressing here Al is eating everything that is allowed on his menu along with things that he thinks he can tolerate with my consent. We will be f/u with the surgeon on Tues. and hopefully he will have all the staples and drains out. He is doing really well. So I just wanted to let you know that.

I am here for you if you need anything!
God Bless and Keep you

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Betty in Vegas
Posts: 311
Joined: Jul 2009

That is a long time to have those staples huh? Layne has his out on Tues. I didn't have problems with the pump. I am now having problems believing that we have beat this thing. The nurse for the surgeon said "well, now we watch to see where it crops back up." as if it was a foregone conclusion. That really shook me.

However a very odd thing happened. I went to grab a bite to eat and while I was saying grace, I felt impressed to ask for complete healing of Layne. Then, I returned to the room. Well, when I got there, Layne said "come in come in..." He went on to tell me that the charge nurse had come in. We had said hi to her as we walked by her once, that was it. She comes in and says "I have been told by the Lord to tell you that you have been healed. And that the healing is complete. God wants you to know that you must glorify him."

Wow, now that was crazy since I had just asked for this. It's the second time something weird like that having to do with God has happened at the hospital.

From her mouth to God's ears, correct?

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Betty & Layne,

I haven't been on in awhile--was just checking posts before I post an update on my dad. You guys don't know how inspirational you are with your strong genuine faith. After one of your postings, I visited your carepage and was moved and felt you guys are truly blessed---as I believe that we all are--whether we notice or accept or not... I have shared some of your story with my mom...I know our Lord is chipping away at them and they are now trusting in him more concerning the future.

So...I was surprised by you comment "I am now having problems believing that we have beat this thing"...but then I saw your explanation!!! How totally unprofessional of that nurse... I won't even go on about that..errggh

But just when you doubted---you were shown a sliver of his providence---and you SAW it--now believe in it. I am actually so proud of you guys and hope for continued signs of HIS presence! (saw some these last 2 days!)
God Bless---it won't be easy, but it will be possible!

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