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Just wanted say thank you

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Just wanted to say thank you to everybody on this website. My dad who is 57 was diagnosed last week with stage IV prostate cancer, his PSA was 1661 and he has extensive mets to the bones. It feels good knowing we are not the only people going through this. My parents are divorced and my father and I are only children so it is just the two of us going through this difficult time. I am sure I will be in this discusson much more in the future. Thanks agian


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Best wishes to you and your dad as you fight this cancer! We are here to talk to, vent, listen etc.
I'm 55 and had the Davinci surgery for my Prostate Cancer in Aug. 2009.


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sorry to hear this about you father,I had my surgery five years ago,and thanks GOD MY PSA=0.003.My father had pc cancer, he passed away last June but no from pc I like you was very closed to my dad he was my best friend,but I feel very good knowing I did everything I could do for him best of luck and we are here for you and your dad.

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Hi Kimberly,

My dad was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer as well. I am an only child too but am diligently trying to do anything possible to help me dad. My mom and I are heartbroken behind this but we keep our faith. My dad has extensive mets to the bone also and his PSA was 700. He recently started taking Lupron Shots (every 4 months) along with Casodex daily. He just had his 2nd injection of the Lupron about 3 weeks ago. Praise God that he has done much better with this hormone therapy treatment. He has had to deal with the side effects of hot flashes but the way we look at it, if that's the least of his worries, then we will take it.

I wish your Dad the best and I will keep him and you in my prayers. Prayer is very powerful and I thank God everyday that my Dad is feeling much better. He was really in a bad place about 6 months ago and I hope that I don't ever have to see him in that state again. There is hope.

God Bless You and take care,

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