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Thickning of endometrial wall Could it be cancer)

Debs in Oz
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Hi everyone im new to the site and im after a bit of advice or wanted to know if anyone else had these symptoms.

I recently had a ultrasound/internal scan on my uterus this was due to me having very heavy periods and my iron level being 4 instead of being 10 (think thats what it should be). Anyway my results came back as either endometrial hydroplaisa (sp) polpys or cancer.
My endometrial lining has 25mm thinkning and when i look at my scan pictures i can see what looks like a baby (no im not pregnant) in the wall of my uterus. I also have a cyst on my left ovary. I have no signs of fibroids. I am tired alot but i think this due to low iron. I have been refered to see a specialist but still awaiting appointment as its only fri that i found out. Im very worried that i might have cancer but then i think no it can't be.

Has anyone had the same as me and what was the outcome please be honest with me.

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First, try not to get ahead of yourself. There are several other things this can be beside

Are you current on your Pap tests? Try to emphasize how urgent this is for you to be seen. If you have no luck in getting a quick appointment, have your regular doctor get an appt for you. This shaved 4 weeks off my specialist appt!

Getting a diagnosis (whatever it is) is so important and gets you on a road of a treatment plan. We are here for you if it turns out to be a diagnosis of cancer. I am sending thoughts your way it is not but something more easily treatable.

Hang in!


Debs in Oz
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Joined: Nov 2009

Thanks for your replies.

Hi Laurie
As for current pap test i had this done last thurs so still waiting for results on that. As for the urgency of my appoinment my GP put on the referal to be seen in 2 weeks. I rang the hospital today and they said they had booked me an appointment for the 2nd of Dec. The normal waiting list is 14 weeks so i suppose im lucky to be seen so soon. I can go and see someone private and pay for the privilage though which i am currently thinking about doing. Waiting 4 weeks is not long but when you need to know it will seem like a lifetime.

I know it can be other things apart from cancer but as you will know you always think the worst at first.

I just hope that whatever it is will be over and done with asap

Debs x

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Debs in Oz
Posts: 4
Joined: Nov 2009

Hey guys ive got a appointment with a GYN 10th (tue). Im paying for the privilage but i can't wait 4 weeks and there is no way of me getting in any sooner at my local hospital. Im more worried about getting my next monthly as the last one really knocked me for 6. I ended up having a week of work as my iron level had dropped that low i felt weak and really tired so im just hoping that im ok this time. As soon as know what the outcome is i will post on here and keep you updated. So keep your fingers and toes crossed for me please thats its not what i think it might be and it's just thickening. They can take it all away for me as i don't need it anymore ive had my family and it's certainly passed it's use by date

Debs x

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Laurie is right. The thickened lining could be many things but you don't have enough information yet! You need to see the specialist and go through the necessary diagnostic tests, etc..... So, hang in there, find things to do that you find relaxing, and stay connected with this site....the women here have SOOO much experience and are so willing to share with other "sisters".

Thinking about you and please keep us posted!!


Debs in Oz
Posts: 4
Joined: Nov 2009

Hi Karen

Well i totally agree with what Laurie is saying but you can't but help worrying. I now have a viral infection which is making me feel really ill at the mo but hopefully will feel better in a few days

Debs x

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