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My husband started chemo today,please put us in your prayers

Fight for my love
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Hi dear all,today is my hubby's first day for adjuvant chemo Folfox.This happened a little bit earlier than what we expected.But the earlier it starts,the sooner it ends.Please put us in your prayers.Hopefully my husband will get through the whole treatment smoothly with no side effects or very little and finish all the 12 rounds.Thank you so very much.

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I hope your husband is able to tolerate the treatment and that it is effective in eliminating his cancer. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

Be well... Rob; in Vancouver

Fight for my love
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Joined: Jun 2009

Thank you,Rob.There was no sign cancer left from pathology report,but my hubby didn't want to leave any chance to this beast.So he is doing chemo again.Let's hope for the best,after this finishes,we can leave this behind.Thank you very much,Rob.

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hope your husband pulls thru with minimal discomfort. I restart chemo Mon....Steve

Fight for my love
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Dear Steve,you are in my prayers too.Best luck to you with the chemo.Looks like many of you are in the chemo party.

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Keeping your husband in my prayers. I do am doing 12 rounds of Folfox and am currently about to start Cycle 8 on Wed of next week. It's tough and i hope it goes smoothly for him.

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My prayers are on the way. My he have a uneventful treatment.

Just happy to be here!!

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My dear your husband has been in my thoughts and prayers for so long. He has gone through similar what I have and I can relate to his story and circumstance. Please know that I think of him and you daily and pray that all goes well. Please keep us informed as to how he is handling it.

Hugs! Kim

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I hope all goes well,I will be praying for you.

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Sending prayers to both of you as he starts his chemo treatments....


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Praying that your husband gets through all 12 rounds of chemo without to much trouble.

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I will pray for you, I am on endless chemo but I try and keep a good attitude about it! God Bless you, Patti

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My prayers and thoughts will be with you and your hubby, I hope he is ok on Folfox, and doesn't get all those horrible side effects, but lets hope this is the end of it! You are a very strong woman to go through this with him, I really admire you, even being there for us, you are an inspirational caregiver.


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Sending you Prayers for you and your husband!


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I will be praying for your hubby as he restarts chemo- prayers for it to successfully kill off any potential floating cancer cells and so that he will have minimal side effects.


Fight for my love
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Hi dear all,lots of thanks to all of you.I have been praying for everybody on this board and the whole world for a while.I was never a religious person before,because I never knew anything about religion,but after this happened,I started to pray,then I really believe prayer works and there is a God.Thank you so very much for all your kind words and paryers.I hope for the best for everyone.Take care,everybody.Hugsss.

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