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3rd Day of chemo Yucks

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3rd day of chemo Yucks. I've been in bed all day. Feeling nauseaus. I'm taking zofran. If it isnt better tomorrow I'll call the onc's office for additional meds. I dont want to swallow another pill -BUT. I'm eating apple sauce and just drank some cranberry juice. White bread isnt doing too well with me today. Water isnt going down too easily either.

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Have you tried Emend. Its a once a day pill, I take it one days 2 & 3 after chemo. I was given Zofran and Compazine for back up but never had to take any of it.

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Natly, sorry to hear about the nausea. Was hoping you'd be the exception. Don't have any suggestions but hope you find a medication that helps. Waiting to hear its passed. Sunrae

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So sorry to hear you are struggling with naseau Natly. I have nothing but good wishes and prayers to send your way. No advise but wanted to let you know I was wishing you get relief here real quick.

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Its important to try to keep drinking...popsicles and jello worked for me. I also made sure I ate very small about every hour because for me an empty stomach made me feel worse. You might try ice chips as well, anything that can keep you hydrated.

Emend also helped me...

Hang in there

Linda T

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Sorry you're not feeling well. I guess I'm lucky, I don't get the nausea like some of you. I'm eating like a horse. I think the steroids make me so hungry and it doesn't matter if my taste is off or not, I'll still eat. Water does taste awful now. I've been eating alot of soup sent over from my niece and sister. My bones are a bit sore, just took a vicadin for that. It sure helps. I hope you're better tomorrow. I've been resting alot today, too. It's cold ,windy and rainy here by St. Louis.

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Natly, sorry you're having a rough time with the chemo. I'd just recommend that you eat small amounts and stay hydrated. Call you doctor if it doesn't get better. I'll be wishing for relief for you. Take care.

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Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I'm feeling better today. spent all of thurs and Fri in bed with nasuea and heartburn. I'm doing the jello and broth, and can actually drink water and eat white toast today. Hoping my energy keeps up this time around.

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