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Recurrence--Treatment Questions

Barry Keith
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Dx in 10/08; SCC oral cancer; Surgery 11/3/08 to include wrist flap, temp tube and temp trac; Tx: RT x 30..comp. 1/09.
Check up 10/15/09; biopsy SCC recurrence; PET/CT 10/22; Two bright spots, one new: SCC back of palate; 2nd-Right jaw muscle area-believe to be due to nerve invasion not killed by previous RT.

Schedule for surgery 11/2. Afterwards, treatment plan both RT and Chemo x 6 wks.

Question: Anyone gone this route? Chance of cure without another recurrence?

Thanks, another new one to this site....I think we're all looking to each other for answers not being provided elsewhere.

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Barry, I am not sure about some of your terminology, but I had surgery in October of 05 to replace half of my tongue with muscle/tissue from left arm at wrist area, along with nerves running back to elbow, along with a radical neck dissection. This was followed by 35 rounds of radiation and several chemotherapy sessions (cisplatin).

What MIGHT have been a metastasis was diagnosed in June of 07. While much of that diagnosis was incorrect, enough of it was correct that a lobectomy of my lower right lung was performed at the end of January '08. Chemotherapy again followed (carboplatin and taxol). They were able to ascertain, by the way, that the cancer was SCC, as was in the head/neck, but could not establish whether it was mets or a new primary.

In any event, in the nearly two years since, I have been NED at every scan.

Yes, of course, cure is possible. Do not give in while there is even one more avenue to pursue.

Best wishes.

Take care,


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There are a lot of second time and third time survivors out there. Most did what you'll soon be doing: surgery, chemo and radiation. You too will soon be a double survivor. In the meantime, your local medical community will welcome you as a one man economic "stimulous package". My best to you on next Monday's surgery. Please let us know how you're doing from time-to-time. Rich

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