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hair loss

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wondering how common hair loss is with chemo.

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This is very popular with NH/L cancer, but I looked on the bright side. After I thought about it a while, I was happy that I was a guy, because...bald head? so ... chicks dig it. I've been a survivor several years now and I've been keeping my hair short or bald now. I became so used to the low maintenance, I'm spoiled now. Don't worry, it'll grow back. That's a small thing.

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I AM a girl, and let me tell you I loved being bald. I still keep my hair extremely short and always will. Hair is nothing but time consuming pain in the butt.

I haven't met too many women with cancer, but the ones that are my friends....all loved being bald.

Hair as far as I am concerned is HIGHLY OVERRATED.

Take care,

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I must agree with Dixiegirl. I loved losing my hair. No more shavings! Save $$$ on Nair! All jokes aside, losing your hair is very common with certain types of chemos. I had R-CHOP then RICE I lost my hair both times. My hair began falling out withing 3 weeks of treatment. It came out in clumps. I thought I was going to be devastated, but it turns out I was really ok with the fall out. And it feels soooooo good when the warm shower water kits your scalp! When one of my cancer survivors told me the shower line. I thought she had lost her mind! But, it does feel great. Don't worry, your hair will grow back. But until then, try to get a wig that matches your own style. Or choose a different style or color. If a wig is not your style there are lots of other options. You can choose a hat or scarves. Contact the ACS. Some locations offer head covers free to patients. So does the Look Good Feel Better (some locations).

Good luck, you are going to look fabulous whatever style you decide to rock.

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I've lost all my hair 3 times doing Chemo over the years. The first 2 times it was grey when I lost it and it came back just as grey. Last year it was grey when I started, but....it came back dark brown just like it was when I was about 30 years old. It's STILL Dark brown and my wife won't even LET me cut it, neither will my barber. The best I can get her to do is a trim around the ears and neck. Heck, I don't even own a comb, haven't for years.
People are even accusing me of dying it. I'm hoping the fact that it came back dark brown is a sign that the Chemo and radiation finally got the job done, so far I'm NED and recovering very well from the BMT and plan on taking a hunting trip for a 4 or 5 days starting next week.

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