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CT Scans are clear

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I finally got the results of my CT Scans. They are all clear, that means I stay at IIIB! (Tumor outside of the bowel and 1 lymph node involved) Still have to do clean up chemo and the Dr will watch closely to make sure there is no new involvement. Oh happy day!!!

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Jan, that's wonderful news!


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That's awesome Jan! so glad to hear about it! get out and celebrate!!


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That's great news- thanks for sharing it! I'm sure you'll be fine as you go through your "clean up" chemo, but don't hesitate to come here with any questions that may arise as you begin taking it.


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That is great news!

I had two spots light up that we aren't sure about - abdominal lymph nodes and a spot on the liver. But I had a biopsy (benign) of a spot on my liver, and the nodes are in about the area that the top of the sigmoid had to be dropped down (they had a little difficulty with it). So mine could all be surgery trauma - scan done less than 3 weeks after surgery (to follow up on a different liver spot seen on CT, but not by surgeon - that one is benign).

It is wonderful for you to have totally clear scans so soon after surgery. You won't have to wonder about anything!

If all goes well, I start chemo a week before you. There will be a few of us on similar schedules. we'll get through it together.

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We will make it! "There is no try". I don't like the idea of chemo, but someone posted (I'm not sure who 'cause I have read almost all the posts) that it would be better to leave all the cards on the table rather than wonder what if. I know us IIIB's gratefully are fighting unseen cells and not tumors elseware, but I have asked even if it is nessary to go through chemo, but I don't want any regrets!

Thanks to all of you who openly accept us newbies!Thank you for all the information. Thank you for being there when it is even hard to say "I have cancer".

"Do or do not, there is no try"

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Great news! Thanks for passing it on.
Celebrating with you here in Vancouver!

Rob; in Van

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Thanks for sharing your news! Yes oh happy day.


PS love that quote of Yoda's

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