My UP Date on My Tumor MRI and treatment

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We are so Excited but we will not let our Guards down. But we got it on the RUN! It feels so good!

It was a long Day Pretty much 12 hours at Duke, But Very Worth IT!!!!! With our Faith and Prayers from everyone, and DUKE It's working.READ POST BELOW Still be getting treatments every 2 weeks and another MRI on the 6th week. YOU KONW WE CAN"T WAIT FOR that ONE

OK Here is the NEWS: Got Back from Duke about 10:00 pm last night. and yesterday when we Saw Doctor Peters and PA Mary Lou, OH there were so excited about the MRI SCAN Pictures. they Kept pointing at the screen and saying all positive changes a...nd how good it looks. Tumor Shrinking, NO fluid, Contrast real good and Less pressure indicating on the brain. they are Very, Very Happy as so are we! I still feel tired for about 4 to 6 days after my treatments. I did feel sick on Friday Night and threwup once and during the night I had a few Seizures very small ones about every couple of hours. then they stopped. NO other Problems,. Head achs, or sickness. I feel Great other than that. Next MRI is on Nov 11th. I'll let you all know how it comes out. We are very excited about this next one. Just hope we get an even better responce from the doctor and PA like they were very happy and excited about the last one.


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    happy for you keep being
    happy for you keep being active. chemo can make you ill. glad the dr. are so postitive!