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Can't read my own post!

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Frustrating!! Certain posts are not able to open for me here, now even my own post won't open!! I can't read the responses to my H1N1 post!

Anyway, i tried to call the CDC, but they're not open today. lol! I called some epidemiologist here in San Diego, and they told us to go to the hospital. Sounds like a good plan to stop an epidemic...send the sick people to the hospital to infect everyone who is already weakened, but doesn't have it yet! We don't have any face masks on us right now, so one of us sickies would have to go into the hospital to get them! Yes, David has come down with it, and it's running it's course almost exactly as it did me. It hits FAST!! He's out cold on the couch. It's strange because he was fine this morning. He said he had a tickle in his throat. By the time he came home this afternoon, he was full blown.

We need to go to the store tomorrow, but he will still be contagious. I don't know if i still am, or not. I'd so hate to spread this to someone who may not be equipped to fight it, and they die. Does anyone know the contagion period? The stupid person on the phone wouldn't give me any info. Maybe i'll try to find it online.

We figured that i caught it at the post office because it was the only place where i had been without David. I use that automated postal machine most of the time, and it's possible i forgot to use my hand sanitizer afterwards, and probably touched my face. That was Tuesday, or Wednesday. I came down with the illness on Thursday. Scary! I just thank God i was strong enough to fight it and win!


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Hi Krista,

I don't know if you'll be able to read my reply here or not, but I want you to know that I'm thinking of you. I hope and pray you're alright now and that David will be too.
This is scary!


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Nana b
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CDC recommends that you stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone


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Thank you for the well wishes! I just have a lingering thing going on, but David is really bad today. His illness is following the way mine went exactly.

I didn't know how long i should stay home, and i felt so much better last Saturday, that i went to the market to shop. I probably shouldn't have. It had only been maybe 12 hours since the fever broke.

I'm carrying around hand sanitizer and cleaning everything i touch around the house, and when i go out. I have to go to the post office where this all started, and i'm going to clean that damn touch screen before i touch it!! lol!

I hope you are doing well! I will look around for some of your updates.

Love ya!

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