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Biopsy results

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Betty in Vegas
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No cancer in the esophogus at all. There are remnant cells in an adjoining node, but they are not active nor growing, and they are coming out on Oct 29. Yippee. We are cleared for surgery and we are hearing only good news, which we LOVE. Have hugs to our nurse and our onc who are so amazing, and we are headed to Louisiana to see a friend before going home tomorrow.

They used the "c" word... and it wasn't cancer. They are telling us that they think we may see cure. Wow. Thank you Lord, for chemo and proton.

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wonderful news---just wonderful! It gives others hope as well.
take care---enjoy the day!

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Hi Betty,
So good to hear your good news!!!! and great to hear that wonderful word: Cure!! enjoy your trip!!

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Hi Betty,

Just goes to show them! Enjoy you trip! The 29th will be here before you know it.

God Bless!

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Spectacular news!

Time to take your man home & fatten him up!
Also make sure he is walking every day so he can
hop out of that hospital bed the first day:).

Miracles happen & prayers are answered,

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