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I was wondering if anyone on here was also on facebook.. the reason i am asking is because my birthday is coming up on Oct 7th. and as some of you know on facebook there are causes that you can sign up for that you support.. and one cause that i joined is the CCA or better know as the COLON CANCER ALLIANCE..

So for my birthday i am allowed to give back and ask my friends on facebook to give to this cause in hope of raising money for research or to help in spreading awareness to fight this terrible disease... my goal was to raise 540 dollars.. im asking at least 20 friends to donate 27 dollars a piece to this cause because im turning 27.. so far i have had only 2 people donate but still that is wonderful..

the reason i am so passionate about this is because i recently lost my mother to this terrible disease and now i am dedicating my life to help fight this and to give back to those who are suffering with this..
Please if you are on facebook please find me
Heather Brenaman
and i will add you
even if you can not donate you can at least help me spread the word..

i may have a small voice but i want it to be heard to anyone that will listen

thank you so much for your time.. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has lost a love one or is fighting this terrible disease.. you must never give up hope and live each day the the fullest
god bless you
Heather B

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