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Hello Ladies and nice women.

Yes, You are right. I live in uk and she lives in india.I love her so much.

She has been digonised on april 2009 for endometruim Adenco... Cancer. She is just 49 yrs old.

I want to go through her pathologist report.

Cervix:Chronic Cervites:

Endometrial grwoth:Well deff adenco , endometroid type less than 1/5 luometrial invasion.

What that means invasion... Please advise
Myometrium:Multiple leuenuyomas
B/L Ovaries:Mestastic Endo adeno..........
Follopin tubes:Normal

Leiomyoma seen in mesosalpinx

Nodule under sigmond colon metastic deposit

Lymph nodes 30 are free of tumor and ometuom are also free of tumour.

Hemoglobin 13.2 gm.

Please advise me

Grade 1 stage 3c..

All good soul help me.Its all her pathologist report after Operation.

She had fibroids also........

she finished her 6 cycle of Carpaltin and naloxel on 10 sept.

She is due her first checkup on oct 2009

Her CA125 is 7.9
Please advise me all ladies and good mother.

I love her so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Please show her report to ur doctor and advise me what he said........

Thanks Kumar


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    To find answers to your questions
    Following the link to the NCCN 2009 Guidelines.. It should answer any questions you might have.

    I would ask again about the notation re the colon mets.

    None of us are doctors so all we can do is commiserate and point you in the right direction to find answers.

    Best of luck,