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scan results

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Sorry I am just now posting....I had my scan results Tues. I have literally been on the phone since then giving my results. I had chemo today so exhausted to say the least.
Ok, the results were good. Largest tumor showed mostly necrosis and the rim dieing off, second tumor shrunk slightly and the third shrunk a good bit. I still have small ones scattered throughout but not lighting up. Showing a response to the chemo.
However, I had the Oxi cut out of my regimen because of lingering neuropothy. Hoping I will still get results...anyone have this happen to them? did the folfox work without oxi? He wants me to do 4 more treatments and then another scan, if still getting response and shrinkage, and nothing else lighting up anywhere else, then I will meet with a Dr. regarding RFA. Alot of ifs!! Please continue to pray for me it is working. I completed my 8th treatment today and am home with my ball and chain (46 hr. bag) Has anyone traded the 5fu chemo pill for the bag? I overheard the nurse saying it was called xeloda or something like that. If you have any info on this I would appreciate. God Bless, Patti

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Wanted to add that I am going to Sandestin the second week of October courtesy of the Jack and Jill foundation. I was given an application at the Drs. office, it is for late stage cancer patients (depressing right) I almost did not fill it out because it sounded to dismal to me (memory vacation) My friends encouraged me to go to get a break and have some fun. Anyway they are paying for everything gas, food, condo, activities. My Dr. gave me an extra week off for this getaway. I hope this is ok, he seemed to think it would be. It will be an 18 day break!! I am happy about it but a little worried as well. We are always worried about something with this cancer thing. Oh well, I will go for now please research the foundation and get a well deserved getaway. God Bless all of you, Patti

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Great results Patti, I am still praying for you. Petrina

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I did the xeloda,with radiation,and some of the side effects were numb fingers,swollen,aching feet,I didn't have that,stomach cramps,loss of appitite,and a kind of diarrea,but sometimes just gas came out,sometimes something else came out,not poop.I was vary sore but the doctor gave me something for that.Over all it wasn't to bad with the pain pills.I hope this helps.I will pray you keep getting good results.

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It sounds like you're at the same point in your treatment as my husband. He just had 8th treatment also. They reduced his Oxi this time because of neuropathy. He takes the oral Xeloda instead of the take home pump. The drawback is that he has to take it for two weeks and only has one week to recover before the next infusion. The Xeloda was very tolerable at first, but with each treatment the symptoms have worsened and it takes him longer to recover. He still prefers the pills to the idea of the pump, though.

He's going to have his PET scan in two weeks, and then we'll know if it's on to Round 9 or a chemo holiday!

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Dear Patti,I am so happy for you that your results of scan came out good.It sounds very promising.Don't worry,just enjoy your vacation,something free is always good.Just remember that we all live with "what ifs".I think doctors switch you to another regimen is not going to be a bad thing,because they must have standard and the new regimen should work for you.You are in my prayers and I hope everything goes well with you and your family.I am happy that you have already had good response to the chemo.Please chin up and there is always hope.Take care.Hugsss.

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So glad to hear you are responding to treatment. Good!

I love that you are getting away. Enjoy the break and enjoy your time!


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Wondeful news, Patti :)

Things are going "steady Eddy."

I did Xeloda and we can talk about that after your wonderful vacation. I hope you have a wonderful time - you deserve it and so much more.

Thanks for your post the other night - I'll try and talk with you before you leave.

We can talk RFA on the liver too, did that also.

Take care of yourself and really great news!


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Congrats Patti. Things are moving in the right direction. Have an awesome holiday. I love October get-aways!

Rob; in Van

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I am very happy for you, the scans results looks very promising, go and enjoy your vacation, you deserve it.

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