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Cancer, life, and me...

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July 5, 2009

My name’s Chris. I’m married to a lovely lady and have an awesome daughter. I am a survivor of childhood cancer. In April ’09, I stopped working due to medical illness.  Short version: I was diagnosed with cancer at age 7, and have since had radiation, chemotherapy and spinal surgeries. Although I am now cancer free, I am dealing with daily health complications and what feels like an older-than-should-be body.

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You have a right to be angry, but you shoul also be thankful that you are alive. We are given a second chance and for that we have to be grateful. Let's just focus on the positive. Let's see this as a test of our strenght. I am sure that after all this you will be an all rounder stronger person. We learn to be more appreciative of life. Let's just trust God and live life to its fullest. I t will get better for you. I understand your feelings but anger doesn't help.

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