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Mum just diagnosed with PPC

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*sigh* I feel my world has turned upside down. My beloved mum went into hospital a couple of weeks ago with a fluid buildup in her abdominal cavity. She has now been diagnosed with primary peretoneal cancer and started chemo today. She was told last Tuesday that she had secondary ovarian cancer, inoperable and there was nothing they could do. We went through two days of hell with her upset at not seeing her great-granddaughter grow up, making her funeral wishes known to the family, and making arrangements for us to look after dad 'after she goes'. To find it was PPC was almost a relief that all hope was not lost as we had first thought. My mum turned 73 yesterday and the radiologist gave her a little cupcake with a candle when she had her colonoscopy....
We are upset at what the first doctor said as we went through hell. We know we all face a battle now but it is a relief knowing that there might be treatment and that she might have some time left. She is otherwise fit and healthy which is why this has come as a huge shock. Never smoked, never drank.
I got an email this week saying that drinking cold water can cause stomach cancer. Has anyone else heard of this? My mum drinks cold water by the gallon.
Can anyone give me some hope that i'll have my mum for a while yet. i am devastated.

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Hi Kassat

So sorry to hear about your mum. Whilst reading this, it seemed like I wrote this.
My mum is 71 and diagnosed with PPC last week. She's had a chemo session on Tuesday.
And had been going through pains in her joints (which are apparently normal after treatment), but has been having diarrhoea every 5 minutes. So we took her to hospital again as she wasn't eating anything. Did your mum have any side affects from the chemo? what did the chemo consist of? taxol?

During these hard times, you've got to be positive and never cry near your mum and keep her happy. if she's in pain, give her pain killers. Just keep cheering her up.

Good luck, talk soon

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Hi...just wanted to let you know that my mom has PPC and i have found that it isn't exactly stomach cancer, although it can spread there. I go to the ovarian cancer site. There are alot of women on there that have PPC. Just check it out.

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This is a chronic cancer. I like to think of it as something like diabetes. It can kill you but it can be maintainable. It is hard work. I think you should go on the ovarian discusiion board. No offense to this one but because this derives from the ovaries most people that have it are on there and they really helped me alot. Nice woman. really!

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my brother has it, but they can't find his primary. They are doing a special scan to see if it started in his pancreas, but said it could have started in the gall bladder or bile duct, appendix, or upper GI (small intestine) in general.

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Hi: There are lots of discussions on this under Rare and Other Cancers and Colorectal Cancers. We will soon have a separate Discussion Board for Peritoneal Cancer.

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