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About Bra

New Flower
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Hello Ladies,
What is about bras? Can you suggest soft with good support for small breasts A-B?

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You put this in the wrong site!

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Although that may topic may have been accidentally posted on the wrong discussion board, you did not need to be so abrupt. That information could be very beneficial to female brain tumor patients. I'm speaking from my own personal experience, of course, when I was taking Decadron I gained about 100lbs in 5-6 months and I could not find any bras that fit me comfortably or at least fit without digging into my sides and giving me welts. A piece of advice like what kind of bra fits comfortably would have been more invaluable than you could ever imagined for me at that time. Now I battle the extra skin from when I quit taking the Decadron and lost the weight in another 5-6 months. I wish I could find a bra to hide that. I wish there was advice for that!

Take care of yourself,

cheyennedawn's picture
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I am using the Hanes sports bras. They are very comfortable, and soft. Even with drain tubes, it was more comfy for me to wear them around the clock (after a couple days) after my mastectomy, and they helped keep the drains in place. I know this was the wrong board, but thats ok! :)

sue Siwek
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good for you, glad you gave the info even if the person is on the wrong board, now she knows.

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