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Newbie just diagnosed-scared

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HI I'm Jamie I was diagnosed last Thursday with Focal well-differentiated endometrial adenocarcinoma. The Dr. seems optimistic she can get it out on Tuesday with a complete hysterectomy and my ovaries. I'm scared-I'm 42. I worry I will grow older overnight-I worry I won't wake up after surgery-I'm worried my husband will no longer find me sexy. So any help or other avenues to seek out for me would help. Thank you

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I'm afraid I wont be able to help you. That's only because I am seeking your support. I have a few questions about the process of your diagnosis. Did your Ob perform a D&C? what are your symptoms before and after the D&C? You see my doctors also suspect cancer in the Uterus and will perform a D&C on me on Tuesday the 25th and to be completely honest I too am scared of both the D&C and diagnosis there from.

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I am a 3 year survivor of uterine cancer - symptoms prior to diagnosis included a watery discharge and than bleeding at age 58- originally diagnosed with a polyp on my cervix which was analyzed and found to be benign - reg gyn ordered an ultrasound which suggested a mild thickening of my uterine wall and recommended a D & C to further diagnosis - 2 days later, I was told I had cancer and was referred to a gyn-onc - Recommended total hysterectomy and was fortunate that I was diagnosed at stage 1, meaning cancer was totally confined to uterus and had not spread to lymph nodes or elsewhere - if D & C confirms a problem, staging cannot be determined until surgery - caution: if you need to see a gyn-onc, be sure you have confidence and are comfortable with this doctor - post surgery you will continue with stringent monitoring by this specialist - I originally met with a doctor recommended by my gyn and was not pleased with style or manner - met with my primary care to discuss my situation and she referred me to another gyn/onc that I was most pleased with - good luck with D & C, and hopefully problem is resolved there for you -- kelly

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Well I too had discharge. I had an ultra-sound which came back as fine. Then I had a cervical and uterine biopsy-both came back clean but with hyperplasia "A thickening of the uterus". They performed a D&C which I now know was a piece of cake and when they sent that to pathology, it came back with my diagnosis. The doctor told my parents and husband everything looked good, so we were surprised. The only test I ever had with something on was my pap smear which came back with Atypical glandular cells. My doctor says this is good as we caught it early.
I was very worried about my D&C. A childhood friend who is a pastor told me to welcome them into my body as they are coming to help and it will assist them if my body is not all clenched up and help me to heal. I only really had five bad minutes immediately following my D&C until she gave me a pain shot and then I left the outpatient center in like the next 20 minutes. The next couple of days I had cramping but he pain meds took it away. By day three I was actually more myself.
Try not to worry too much-don't keep googling your diagnosis-my aunt who worked in the oncology department of a hospital said only go in here and onconet. Start walking if the bleeding is not too bad-it helped clear my head, I need the exercise, and of course the endorphins help a lot and I think all day to myself to "let go and let God" or whomever is your higher power.
I'm still very scared-but inwardly turned stress and worry I fear is how I got here so I have to learn to be positive-(die hard pessimist that I am)
I hope this helps.

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I am 6 months post op,under went hyst with DeVinic robot had 25 IMRT and 4 HDR radiaiton treatments. Stage 2b. I am looking forward to my upcoming appointment hopeing that all comes out well. I know how scary this whole thing is. Wating is the worst part. But it does get better. This site is great we ladies know and learn so much and are very willling to pass it on.
Lisa RN in MN

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Hi Jamie! The start of the road is so very scary. My best advise is to take one moment at a time. It's so overwhelming! You are not alone in how you feel!

I was 46 when I was diagnosed just a year ago and I don't feel any older! (as a matter of fact I feel better than I did a year ago!) I also think if you were to ask my husband he'd tell you he still finds me sexy and probably loves me even more having faced the idea losing me.

Wishing you all the best for your surgery! Please stay in touch!


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Patricia, I'm so very sorry. This disease is cruel in so many ways. I may not post as often as some, but I think about everyone who has a story here. Sending you many caring thoughts....


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Just like you I found out I have uterine cancer on Friday, August 21, 2009. I'm 27 years old and my life have just turned upside down for me. I'm so scared because I feel like my head is all over the place. I have a hysterectamy scheduled for September 15. I have been married for no even one year and yet my husband and I are going through this. I do not have children and will never be able to have children; that is a hard thing to accempt. I feel bad for my husband because I feel like he does not deserve to go through this. I cry in silence everyday and I feel like no one understands. My doctors have told me that I don't fit the standard for cancer but yet I have it. I'm tired of hearing that it affects older women, it's not true it affects everyone. I'm sorry I can not help but I thought you just like to know you are not alone.


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I just read your post and was wondering if you have had any Genetic Testing? I got diagnosed in Feb.09 with Endometrial Cancer and my doctor (a Boston Obgyn Oncologist) immediately had me sent for testing. I was 42 when diagnosed. Uterine cancer is extremely rare in younger woman. It came back postive for the Lynch Syndrome which is a gene that increases your chances dramatically of getting certain cancers, Uterine, Colon, and others. The testing involved having blood drawn and sent to a lab in Salt Lake City that specializes in this. In my area, Boston, all the hospitals have a kit and use the lab in Salt Lake City.
I had my hysterectomy in Feb. and have undergone 6 rounds of chemo and am almost done with radiation. I am finding that Radiation is tougher than the chemo for different reasons.
For me, the entire cancer experience has been overwhelming and I can absolutely understand your feelings and concern.
I wish you well.

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I too was diagnosed just over two weeks with adenosarcoma. I am 30 years old and have never had children either. Although my journey began almost three years ago with fertility treatments that ultimately led to numerous tests, 4 surgeries including a radical hysterectomy two weeks ago tomorrow due to my diagnosis, I feel like I am at a point to provide some hope to you.

I had the hysterectomy done within a week of being diagnosed so it all happened really fast. It turns out that my cancer was stage 1, so I do not need any additional treatment. I am just grateful that they caught it early and that its out.

Stay positive. I know its incredibly scary and upsetting. While I am new to all of this, I can tell you it gets better. One thing I learned is to allow myself to be cry and process my emotions, but also to be grateful for the support I had. I have found the information on this site extremely helpful.

I dont think your husband or anyone for that matter deserves to go though this, but make sure that you feel confident in your doctor and write questions down so you understand everything that is going on.

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Hi Jamie:
I was just diagnosed this past June and had my operation this past Wednesday, Aug 26th. What happened to me was I thought that I was in perimenopause. The main reason I want to a gyn instead of my Primary care doctor was migraine headaches. (Which has nothing to do with the cancer). Every month I got a major migraine so I thought I needed the gyn to help get through this part of menopause. I did notice that for a few months during my monthly I was bleeding more than usual. I looked up the symptoms and this was also part of perimenopause. The doctor asked which was worse and my comment was the migraines.He then scheduled me for a D&C and another procedure to stop my bleeding. At this point me and the doctor never suspected cancer.

However, my PAP came back as abnormal glandular cells. My first question was if the PAP smear result could be due to any other problem such as infections. (I always have a yeast infection). He told me "no", not this type of result.

Well I had the outpatient surgery and the doctor could not complete the D&C or even attempt to other procedure because of the location and size of the cancer cells. Next I was referred to the gyn/onc.

And now I am recovering from my operation. I was fortunate to have robotics and I was actually home the next day after surgery. Everything was removed and sent to pathology and I am waiting for these results to find out about my next step regarding treatment.
The doctor did say that he did not see any other cancer cells outside the uterus but the grade of the cell is a 3 which is very aggressive. This probably means chemo and radiation.

What's hard to believe is that I felt fine except those migraines and the bleeding for the last few months. All my family and friends are just as shocked as I am since I appeared healthy. I believe that in my case having my yearly PAP saved my life and I am spreading the word to any woman I encounter. Also, my Mom is in remission from breast cancer so I have been spreading the word: get your yearly PAP and Mammogram. Boy am I glad that I followed my own advice.

As far as surgery, you have to make sure you trust your doctor. I was lucky to have the robotics available.

My husband has been very worried about me but supportive. Feeling sexy is something that is very personal and I also worry about that especially if I go for chemo and lose my hair. I joke with my husband and ask if he wants a blonde, redhead, or brunette so when I buy my wig he'll be happy. (I am blonde naturally but maybe he would like a change of pace). I've had previous stomach surgery so I already have scars and that never bothered me or my husband. What's nice about the Robotics is that it's several small scars (I have 7 since everything was removed) instead of one large one. Once they heal they will just be little dots. Also, the pain was very minimal I just felt like cramping during a period. To be honest, I don't take that many pain killers because I don't feel that uncomfortable.

Also, you may want to check the American Cancer Society for support. They had a few articles regarding sex during cancer. Also they have a free program to help with make-up and wig styling if you need chemo. If I go through chemo I do plan on taking this course.

Good luck and God bless,

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