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Scan results today!!

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There was a cancellation in the Onc. office so, I was able to get in today to see my results. The cancer that was in by belly is gone! the cancer in my liver is mixed 2 were smaller and 2 were larger, all of which were larger and smaller by just a little. The Oncologist seem to be happy with these results. He did say that the liver nodules could be dieing off but not shrinking as of yet. I will have 2 more chemo treatments and then repeat the ct and have a pet scan. He mentioned that if they are shrinking they could eventually do an RFA or direct the chemo into the liver only.If not we would change the treatment, drop the oxi and add c-11 or something like that, You know it's hard to remember everything when you are terrified!! I do have it recorded on my husbands blckberry. Thanks for all of the prayers and keep them coming. God Bless, Patti

Fight for my love
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Hi Patti,if the oncologist was happy with the results,nothing we should complain.It's great to see your update,you know,there is always hope.It's also great to know that you have options on your liver issue.Anyway,it's not bad.I am very happy for you.Take care,have a good weekend.

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Great news girl, its progress and sounds like good progress. Learn to take every little minute' good thing and celebrate it as another step towards the ultimate goal. Keep the chin up and keep up the good work and do something special for yourself...you and the hubby deserve it...( and the kids also..don't wanna leave them out of the celebration either)...God bless ya .....

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I'm happy that you have some good news ,and some options with your liver.I will keep praying for you,and you and your family have a good weekend.

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Patti, that's awesome! If your oncologist is happy, you should run with those results and be happy to. Have a great weekend!


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yeah, great results!

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I'm all for happy posts..I am glad that your onc is pleased with the results of your scan. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for more good things to come..Hugs to you, Audrey.

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It sounds good that your onc was happy with your scan. You're wise to record things as we have all walked out of a drs office and tried to put together what we heard.
I'll say a prayer for you right now.

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I'm so thrilled that the cancer in the stomach is GONE! That was really scary to me. Patti, I have prayed for you mornings and nights since first hearing about you and will keep on praying for your healing! Total healing!

God bless and have a wonderful, wonderfilled weekend!


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sounds good.. Keep fighting..

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Sounds like some good news. I'm glad your doctor is happy with the results.


Julie 44
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That is wonderful to hear..Like others have said go celebrate..It makes you feel even better..JULIE

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krystle singer
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So happy that your results were so positive. I just had a scan of my kidneys and all is good there, but there is a spot on my right lung...size of two periods (..) so back I go in November to have my lungs scanned. Hope my next results are cheery like yours.

My prayers continue for you!

Hugs, Sandi

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I don't know what happened...but this one flew by me and I missed it.

I'm so glad that you rec'd good news....will keep you going, huh?

Maybe a switch over to the CPT-11 will be good...known as Camptosar or Inrontecan too.

And RFA will be ok too...we'll talk about that when you get to that.

Very positive news, I'm thrilled for you...hoping and praying for you as always.

Sorry I'm late...hit me with a PM next time...I'm always wondering how ya' doing.

Craig :)

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Hi Patti,

I missed this post somehow until today, which is why I'm not replying until 5 days later. I'm glad to hear of your good news and I'll continue to pray for you for the rest of the nodes to shrink and/or disappear! You mentioned possibly changing to "cp-11"- I think it's actually CPT-11, which is also called Camptosar or irinotecan. I'm on that right now, so let me know if you have any questions when/if you change over to it.

You take care-


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Hey Lisa, thanks for replying to my post, we did take it as good noew however not the perfect news. I am praying that the chemo will start working on the liver. Will know after two more treatments. How is CPT-11? do you lose your hairwith this one? I have kept my hair with the Folfox. Please let me know what to expect, don't know for sure if we will change will know in about 4 weeks. Any info would be appreciated. God Bless, Patti

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Patti, glad to hear some positive news for you. Continuing to pray for a full and complete healing for you!

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I am so glad your results were good. I`m sure you will continue on the path to recovery.


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