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prostate cancer

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i have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. brief history : i'm 64 years old and living in a suburb of phila pa. after coming out of the servive in 1967 i have made it a point every yr to get a complete physical. 42 yrs of good health i am really upset that how this year in june i had my blood study done and told my family dr. while looking at the results that my prostate reading was 4.0 he told me that it was fine still within limits, well i told him to look at last yrs which was 2.9. well that started the ball rolling, first a ultrasound that showed an enlarged prostate, which led my dr to have me see a urologist which scheduled a biopsy for aug 7th. i had called his office on the 14th this past friday to find out the results. well it took me two calls and finally at 5pm the sect in his office calls me to tell the dr. is busy. and she proceeded to tell me that of the 12 cores takes 3 showed cancer on one side and that the other side was clean. i was told to come to the office yesterday and get a script to schedule a cat scan and mri full body bone scan. this will be done thursday. i am really ticked off that the medical profession and the drs within it are so out of tune with the word anxiety. why couldn't he take the time to call me on friday to explain all of two minutes. to top this off he's on vacation this week. how do you like that for communications from a highly paid physician.
i would appreciate any feed back from any of you guys out there who are going thru most of the same thing. i have to go off line for about 2 hrs but will be back to see your comments thanks in advance and god bless you all mike

The Nev
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Hi guys looks like I'm the newest member of the club. I've been lurking and reading for a few weeks now. I was 54 yrs and turned 55 on Sept 8th. I was diagnosed on Aug 18th with a Gleason of 6 with 7 of 18 samples positive. But the bad part was the right lobe is clean and the left lobe was 7 of 9 samples. So quite a bit on the left side. I have been to M.D. Anderson in Houston TX. and was upgraded to a Gleason of 7. Dr. Matin said the cancer was also in the nerves on the left side inside of the prostate and would likely be on the outside nerve just basing it on amount in the left lobe. I will get a cat-scan scheduled soon and he wants to do a bladder check too. He's not sure yet about the nerve sparing on the left side but believes the right shouldn't be a problem. My surgery DaVinci should get scheduled with-in a month so by mid October. Now just in the wait and see mode as you've all been through. This forum has helped me a lot and I'm sure will continue to help me. Hope you all do well keep, the updates coming, knowledge is power. Oh my name sounds like Kneeve. This sure is a pricey club!

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Sorry to hear about your cancer. I am 54 and turn 55 on Sept. 17. I had my DaVainci surgery on August 12th and doing well overall post surgery. I also have a Gleason 7. My post surgery pathology report showed 20% of the prostate was invovled with cancer. I also had perinural invasion. The doctor was able to spare 100% of the nerves on the one side and in his estimate 50 - 70% on the 'bad' side.

Hang in there.


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I'll be praying for you Nev. I had the robotic on September 3. Just got the catheter out today. Turned 48 last month. We wish you the best....one step at a time!

The Nev
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Hi guys didn't mean to hijack the thread, just wanted you all to know that your posting helps everyone. Some of you guys are so young, shoot I'm young for this disease but of course it does not discriminate. Thanks for the prayers and I assure you we’ll be praying for you all to. Some of your stories are very encouraging and Larry looks like you and I are very similar even in name, my name is Larry Nevius friends call me Nev small world eh! For you young guys a very close friend of Mine had prostate cancer at the age of 45yrs, he is now 48yrs and says for the most part he can’t even tell. Everything works great and he so far is living a normal happy life. So as has already been said there is hope God bless.

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