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Likely Uterine cancer diagnosis for my Mom

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Hello All,
I really appreciate all of the support this board has to offer. A lot of good information here. I don't know if I should be typing here on behalf of someone else, but I feel like I need some help. My dear Mom, (she's only 54) was just hospitalized for a serious blood infection where she was in the ICU for several days. The doctors could not identify the source of the infection at all, however. While there, she had a CT of her abdomen, which showed, I believe a large mass in her uterus (extending past her belly button), and a couple small suspicious areas outside of the uterus. She was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and we just followed-up with a gynecologic oncologist yesterday (Friday). He told her she has a mass, and that she needs a hysterectomy. He ordered her a CT scan of her chest to make sure she has no lung nodules now (because of the smaller spots outside of the uterus)- if she does, he says they will have to be biopsed and shrunk down. I am just overwhelmed with this. Everything has moved so fast- one day she is working her usual job as a nurse, and the next, she is in ICU fighting off a horrible infection. Also, the radiologist interpreted her CT scan as being suspicious for sarcoma. At the gyn-onc, they said that they type of tumor cannot be determined by looking at a CT scan, that they need to biopsy the tissue. I am just looking for some answers. If she has such a big tumor, and there are "small" spots outside the uterus, does this mean the cancer is advanced and has spread? She is optimistic, and says she does not even feel sick. I am nervous for her CT of the chest, I hope it is clear. She did have a CT of her chest 1 year ago for a unrelated hosptialization that did show 1 nodule at that time, which was too small to be able to be biopsed. What are the chances that this could have spread that far...? My Mom has been in good health overall. Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is not making sense- I feel like my mind is scrambled too.


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I am so sorry to hear about your dear Mother! It sounds like you are on the right track. It is good she is seeing a gyn oncologist from the start! They really cannot determine the grade, stage or type of cancer until they have done the pathology exam on the tissue removed after a hysterectomy. Sometimes they do decide to do radiation first to shrink tumors, depending on their size and location.

I know this all very scarey but hang in there but try to take one day at a time and ask LOTS of questions. Your Mom is so lucky to have you for support! This board has lots of amazing stories of courageous women who have experienced a challenging journey and enjoying life today! And YES, it is certainly o.k. to post questions about others....that is what we are all here for!

Did they ever decide what her blood infection was?

Holding you and your Mom in my thoughts and prayers!


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Hi Karen,
Thanks for replying to my post. No, the doctors could not pinpoint the source of the infection. My Mom is a nurse (me too)and she thinks if she has cancer, she likely has a low immune system, which allowed her to get so sick. I'm just glad she recovered so well after the infection; She needed a few days of i.v. antibiotics while at the hospital. What a difference a few days made, she looks great now. Yesterday she made brownines and tuna casserole for me and drove to my house! She is not one to stay in bed if she doesn't want to. I'm taking that as a good sign. I'm just nervous about her CT of her chest she is having Tuesday. I feel like, with all that has gone wrong so far, this likely won't be good news either. But, I pray for her every day, countless times. I'm just nervous because the gyn-onc said she has some small spots outside her uterus. I hope that's the only location, nowhere near the lung or other organs. I really appreciate any help anyone has to offer, I feel so alone with this. I can't be negative around my Mom. I spend all evening on the computer looking up info, and it's always bad stuff I see. Good Luck to everyone out there going through this.


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