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All the prayers are working

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I am not quite ned but I am about as close as you can get. Liver - Almost complete resolution. Pelvis - All clear. Abdomen - still some lymph involvement with low activity. The good news is I will be off the erbitux. The bad news is I will still have 3 more months to go on a different regimen to get me completely ned. The only reason it is bad news is because the new drugs have harsher side affects. My oncologist is switching me to oxy and avastin. Oh well, at least he gave me this week off. Thank God! I needed it.Thank you for all the prayers and support. Evidently it is working, so keep it up. The Doc was impressed. I hope all goes well for all of you.

Eric ( : . )

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yahoooooooooooo, yipppeeeeeeeeee

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That is wonderful news. It sounds like what your oncologist scheduled for you was working very well. I'm on oxy and it is hard on you, but it's manageable. My biggest complaint is the cold sensitivity. Everyone reacts different to it so it might just be fine for you. So glad that you got some very positive news. Enjoy your week off chemo and go and doing something really fun. Prayers are still coming.


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Congrats on the progress. Good luck with the OXY and Avastin. 3 months will be over in no time at all.

Best wishes.


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So glad to hear that you got good news, and I will be praying for you to continue to get better. I go for #12 on Monday, and I can hardly wait to get the PT scan and see if it worked. Let's all keep fighting and one day we WILL KILL this beast.

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Unbelievable Eric!

Nothing short of amazing stuff. Such a quick turnaround - it all happened so quickly.

Thanks for letting everybody know - you are a miracle story to be sure.


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That is really great news Eric - so happy for you!!!

Be well,

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So glad to hear the good news on your scan!!


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Prayers work believe me,I'm very happy for you.

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You may become NED but you'll always be Eric to me! That's good news that you will be off the Erbitux (I just had a refill today!), the oxy stinks but I don't remember Avastin being that bad, but it was over 5 years ago so I may have forgotten. That really is terrific news!
Not to knock the prayers (who...me???), but many of us were sending positive healing thoughts to you too. It all helps, prayers, positive thoughts...everything good for someone who is good.

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I did not mean to leave out the people who are sending positive thoughts. That is just as important. I appreciate all of you and wish the best for you. I`ve seen enough posts on here to know that oxy pretty much sucks. When he told me he was putting me on oxy I cringed but I`ll do whatever it takes. Thanks so much for the support, it makes all the difference. You all are like family. Although Phil is more like the wierd uncle. Uncle Phil is here - He always smells like pot and don`t pull his finger.

Phil - I`m kidding but I couldn`t resist.

Eric } : . }

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Do you feel lucky? Well do ya...punk???
Pull my finger!
Eric, I took what you said as a compliment. We are all different and everyone probably has (or is) a weird uncle whether they want to admit it or not. I like to stir the pot (or smoke it) and sometimes make people a little uncomfortable with some of the topics I will bring up. We are not all alike nor do we have the same way of expressing how we want you to get better but I believe our hearts are all in the same place.

The Oxy, listen, you've been through the Erbitux. That speaks volumes for your inner and outer strength. The sensitivity to cold is not great, one good thing is that it's still summer. I went through most of mine in the winter months and I felt like my nose or fingers would fall off. I had trouble with ice cream too but I learned to forgo it or to eat very tiny bites. You will look back at it in due time and realize that it wasn't so bad after all.
Hang in there, positive healing thoughts are still coming your way...

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Wonderful.. I am sure you will do fine with the new chemo. Best of luck.. You will do great..

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Nana b
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Great news!!

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I have been reading your posts since I joined this board. You are amazing! That is such great news.


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That's awesome news Eric!

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That's GREAT news and I'm still praying for you and cheering you along! You bring life to these forums and great humor, too.

Hang in the my friend!


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Eric, have been thinking about your onc visit all morning and am thrilled to hear that you got great news! We will keep praying for a full & complete healing for you and only good things from here on out. My mom is on FOLFOX (with oxy, of course) and Avastin right now and so far her side effects have been fairly minimal, so hopefully that will be the case for you, too.

Best wishes!

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I had Oxy, but not Avastin. As others have said, it was not a walk in the park, but it was doable. Be prepared for the cold sensitivity, and also I had mouth sores and a constant taste of metal to everything.

BUT, 3 months is less than 4, and if you break it down to weeks, well, it's almost over before it starts!!! I had a weekly calendar that I put a gold star over each day till the end.

Hugs, Kathi

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That's great, Eric.

Not to great about the Oxil (as the others have said) but hey, you can do anything.

Muscle spasms may be part of it. I had those in calves of legs, hands, mouth. Seems like the slower the nurses made the drip the better I was. That could be just me, though.

Thumbs up!

Stage III
NED (for 2 years)

Posts: 1736
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Prayers will continue....You keep doing what your doing and you will be NED before you know it...

God Bless

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as my little 7 year old says............."you are the shizzle".........very wonderful news and I know for sure that your whirling with happy thoughts, only cancer patients have a clue what we feel with that type of news.....Congratulations bud, keep on kepin on....Bless ya......

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...That's great news! Avastin isn't bad at all, I have never been on oxy, but hear it isn't any fun, I wish you luck with the treatment, my onc told me avastin is very good for the diseased liver especially.

And I actually listened to Phil and his nausea remedy, and actually enjoy it, not only does it work, but it sure does put me in a better mood lol...I sure wouldn't pull his finger though!


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Eric..... I am sooooooo happy 4 u. You have given me so much faith. My news comes tomorrow and I sure hope it is as good as yours. I do not have any problems with the Avastin (knock on wood). Keep us informed of your progress.


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Phil - I think you are a great guy and as i`ve said before, you crack me up.
Jen - Tag!, your it. It`s your turn to get the good news.
Donna - I hope you are feeling better and are staying positive.
Kfen - thanks for caring so much and always being my cheering section.
Thank you to everybody.
I feel like I am giving an emmy award speech. Like whoever I thank I`m missing somebody.
They would be playing the closing music to get me off the stage.


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Eric, I am fairly new to this, but I have been praying for you and checking often to see your results. I too have stageIV and it is in my stomach,lymphnodes and liver...they can't resect or anything else until it shrinks. I will be having my ct scan next Tues. and feeling scared but confident. Your story gives me soooooo much hope. I am smiling right now and thinking I can do this!! God Bless, Patti

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Congratulations on your wonderful news.

I think the persons you are leaving out of your awards speech are the gifted doctors who treated you.

For all of us, I think, there is the hope that we can put together a team of doctors who can do their magic and heal us. You obviously had a wonderful team.


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It's always the folks in the trenches who do the work that do not get the credit they so often deserve. I have been fortunate to have always have a great team of doctors and nurses who have gotten me this far.

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That's awesome, Eric!! I'm so happy about this. I've been anxious to hear about you. Prayers will continue!


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Patti - I am so glad my story has given you hope. I see a great scan result in your future. Thanks for the prayers and I will pray for you too. Here`s to a great outcome.


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I surf this site alot but do not often post. I am in a similar situation with abdomnial, para-aortic nodes and some in my chest/neck too. No Liver or lung mets. I am on #9 of FOLFOX/avastin and trends are good ( nodes smaller, CEA down etc.)though I am not NED.

I was just wondering why they changed your regimen now when it seems that your are responding well? Was it the rash/erbitux? I actually forget what you have been on and when you started. Just curious as to you and your team's thinking on the treatment change.

FYI, have tolerated this regiman well save for a bit of numbness in my toes.


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Kuastoi - They changed my regimen because the doctor said he did not want my body to get used to my current regimen. There is a point where the cancer gets used to it and it is no longer as effective. Because I responded so well he wanted to put my current treatment on the shelf for later use in case it returns.
Winney - I have only had one surgery so far and that was to remove the diseased part of the colon and they did that before I began treatment.
Tiny - thank you for the your input. hopefully I will do as well as you.
Lisa and Nudgie - Thank you for caring and for the prayers. You too, Kathleen


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That is a very intriguing approach.... I have only seen postings of people being changed due to lack of response. I do understand the development of resistance, but had not heard of shelving a treatment for later like this. I cannot remember all of your previous posts, I suspect you were on folfiri/erbitux. How many courses did you complete and where are you being treated?

Anyone else had this approach?

Like I said earlier, I am looking at #10 folfox/avastin in 2 weeks. My scans have shown some decrease in size of the nodes and CEA has come down from max of 37 to 12.6 - we had discussed changing after my scans but DANA Farber recommended to push on through as is.

Congrats, and more of the same progress in the future, hope I can report more definitive progress myself at some point.

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Kuastoi - I was on cpt 11,5fu, and erbitux and have only completed six courses. Regular chemo every two weeks, erbitux every week. So I have had six full chemo treatments and 12 erbitux treatments. My cea started out at 331 so it was very high. I don`t know what it is now but will find out tomorrow. It must be low since what little cancer I have left is nearly inactive.


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Thanks for sharing your fabulous news!!!! Awesome!

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I was speechless for a few seconds (!)- This is wonderful and amazing news!!!!
WOW!!!!! Thank you, God!


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and happy that all is going well. I will continue to prayer and send good vibes your way :)

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Eric, one question, did you have any surgeries, i am fairly new and just wondering,
my ONC has had me on oxy, avastin and 5fu since begining, i am stage IV recal cancer with mets in liver, last of forth treatment and looking to a ct scan to seee if they can operate on me now, or wait a little longer.

You sould do fine on the new drugs,

Best of wishes

tiny one
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Woo Hoo good news Eric!!! I am very small, only 4 ft 11 inches tall, 85 pounds and 51 years old. I received oxiplatin and had pretty mild side effects. I would receive chemo for a couple of hours and then they would put the pump on for 2 days and I would go and then be unhooked. Hope you go thru as easy as I did. I stayed active all during treatment, I was in good shape physically before I was diagnosed. My reversal slowed me down some but now I'm full speed ahead. Good luck cutie!!

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Eric ...fantastic news!!! My husband took oxy and Avastin. You can do this..you are so close to NED. We will keep you in our thoughts, prayers, and everything in between.

Julie 44
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I am so glad to hear your news..Its about time the news is good...Don't worry about the OXY..You handled all the other sh@@ that came your way you can handle this too..It wasn't to bad really....Hows the rash by the way??? You are a fighter so just keep on fighting the beast....You will win completely soon...Then we will be doing the happy dance for you (but not in a monkey suit) lol lol Congrats..............JULIE

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Paula G.
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Soooo cool Eric. I love good news. Keep it coming. Paula

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Congrats and I pray for all here. You are each an inspiration!
All my best

Fight for my love
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Wow,it is great news!I am so happy for you.You are always in my prayers and I am sure miracle will continue to happen!

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