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Adventures with Clairol: coloring my chemo peach fuzz AGAIN!

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I know they say not to color your new hair after chemo. I had my last chemo March 26th and although I LOVE having hair again after 7 long months of baldness, I hated the iron-grey color of my new crewcut of fuzzy baby hair. So, about a month ago, I got that "root touch up" hair coloring they've been advertising on TV. You only leave it on 10 minutes and it fades away after a few weeks. And it's only around $5. I used it with no harm to my hair.

Well, my 'touch up' color has now faded, and I decided to step up to 'Nice and Easy' and something in a LIGHTER shade. You were supposed to leave it on, for 'stubborn greys', as long as 40 minutes. But after 15 minutes I started to worry about my chemo-curls and rinsed it out, thinking that I have so much of the solution left over that I could immediately dry my hair and put on more color if it didn't take. Well, the 15 minutes were enough and I have light brownish red little spikes all over my head now.

This all came about because I am going to a workshop Wednesday and will be seeing a lot of my business friends who haven't seen me since I lost my hair. I always had my hair red pre-cancer.

My little grandaughter had another good idea for me: a HEAD-BAND! My new chemo hair is especially VERY thin on top in the front. But I got a wide tortoise-shell colored plastic headband (thinking it would go with everything and match my newly red hair), and it covers that bald spot and makes the littls spikes behind it almost look like a hair-do. (almost).

Beauty hints from Linda! Gotta try! HA!

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I never heard you weren't suppose to color your chemo hair. Who made that rule? After surgery, chemo, and radiation you deserve to do what you want! Ten years ago I colored mine. It grows out and then we color again! Also, my hair filled in last on top; if I remember correctly it came back in a male pattern baldness and then filled in. So don't give up on that growing too! I thought this time I might just go gray. I will wait and see. My sister says, "the---- you are" so I will probably be colored again when she gets a hold of me!

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My niece and I colored my hair before we went to Florida. First I used the same color she used on her hair. A dark auburn color. Well, my fuzzy baby hair only took the red.... bright orangish red! So then I had to go back to the store and get a dark brown to put over it. It looks okay now. I was so afraid it would color my scalp. It didn't, but I think I need a touch up already. There are lots of grey hairs showing again! LOL. When it gets long enough for a trim, my hairdresser is probably going to freak out.
My niece also bought me a couple of thin plastic headbands, but I didn't ever wear them because I was afraid it might look odd. Now that I know you are wearing them, I might try it out. LOL.
It's fun getting hair again!

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Hi Linda, my hair was also a bit on the fuzzy side - so I continued to buzz cut it about every two weeks. Every time I cut it, it grew out thicker. We are sort of on the same chemo/radiation schedule - so I assume have the same type of hair renewal problems. My advice - buzz cut it again - then dye it. I've been dying mine RED. I had very dark brown hair before (dyed, of course).

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