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Husband has hepatocellular carcinoma, hep c

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My husband had a heart attack and was life flighted to Spokane WA the end of June.
We have been married for 29 years. In this time spand he has not been sick. I'm the
one that had tripple bypass and stints put in a couple months ago.
The fix the heart, and we found out that they found a 4" tumor on the liver.
Without treatment he would have 3-6 months. With treatment 3-6 years.
Wow, what a slap in the face.
And of course with no insurance, what a mess.
He is going to start SIR-Spheres on Friday.
I still sit in shock, not really sure if this is real. Never would I have dreamed he
would have cancer.
I know in my heart that God is in control and that He is holding us in the palm of His
hand. But it still hurts.
We started drifting apart. Rick (my husband) is scared. And was pushing me away.
I finally told him, that I was ready to pack my bags and leave. Finally, we have it
together. We need to take this journey together, not alone.
Asking for prayer, and if there is a wife out there with her husband being sick.
just someone to talk to would help.
Thanks for your time

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for info and to get referrals, go to the discussions at www.hcop.org/forums

Radiofrequency ablation has come a long way, ASK about it, the get a second opinion. MD Anderson has the most experience with this.

best regards,


Please don't forget to make at least a small donation. Thse guys lose people to cancer support groups and the transplant community all the time. If no metstasis, transplant is possible. Dr. Anne Larson is the clinical person, Dr. Carithers, transplant.

Also, OHSU. If he is a vet, go to the nearest VA hospital. He IS covered there.

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Dear Reed family, I am a hepatocellular carcinoma survivor and I know how rough it can be. I was diagnosed 3 years ago on August 31, 2006. I had a liver transplant 40 days later because I was very close to death. The closer you are the higher your MELD score is - that is what determines how quickly you receive a transplant. Is your husband on the transplant list? I live in Los Angeles .. where are you located? You might have seen this already but I did a search for SIR-Spheres and I found this web site
www.sir.net.au/SIR_pi.html If that doesn't work, do a Google search and you will see a listing for: SIR-spheres - your oncologist has recommended that you have treatment with SIR-Spheres. PLease read this - and click on that link. If you are on the transplant list and you are not getting treated fast enough PLEASE consider signing up in another state besides the one you live in. It is legal to do and it can help get you a donor liver quicker. Please contact me if you need someone to write to.

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First of all thank you for writing. Things have changed since I posted. The were not able to do the radiation on him. It was not safe. They did Chemoembolization of Liver with Quadraspheres. We will be going to Spokane, Washington for the second treatment on monday.
I was told that he was not a candidate for liver transplant. I am going to ask many questions when i see the Dr. this week.
He is loosing weight and still eating and drinking Ensure. It sure is hard to sit and watch
him going down hill. I try so hard to be strong for him and the kids and grandkids.
Our email address is carolreed@cableone.net if you would like to keep in contact with us. I would sure like it.
This is all new to us and not sure what we are doing.
Thank you again for your time.
Carol Reed

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