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Interesting article concerning clinical trials

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From the NY Times.
I think I understand it now. No one even wants to even read about clinical trials so how/why would they want to participate?

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I think this is a very important article. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

It is important, indeed, that we assess the whole range of reasons for the failure to make more progress in the fight against cancers.


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An interesting argument on both sides. I read the article end to end and what I got out of it was:

From the doctor's side, the lack of time and money that they make, discourages them from offering the trials depending on the facility. And then the patients often times decline when the option is offered.

From the patient side, it is very overwhelming and entering a clinical trial is scary if you do not know which drugs you would be given. Plus, the extra time required for follow-ups and such would make working on a job more difficult or if you needed a ride, could be a problem if help were not available. Some of the new drugs could hurt you really bad too. It just is sometimes easier for both parties to just take the known protocol and go that way.

I've often told my onc that I'm a guinea pig and I had him put it in my records as such. I mean that's the truth really. With a clinical trial, this ups the ante to a whole new level.

It was a good read Phil - thanks for the post - something to think about that's for sure.


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You`ve got me thinking again. My brain is so lit up I think my spots are glowing.


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