NCI List of many new therapies in trial they are doing .

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This link is to a fantastic site that has oodles of information about many of the trials that are currently underway or getting underway. Gives a good idea of all the options there are out there and could give you somethings to discuss with your doctors. You might even want to print it out and take it with you. I'm not so sure doctors take time as often as we do to see what's new on the horizon.

I went looking because of all the questions re new treatments and protocols. If you check patient and full informaiton, there is enough information in the trial heading to let you know if it might interest you. Or it could give you and your doctor a new starting point for a discussion. Doctors are usually more willing to pay attention to a patient if they realize you are in contact with other agencies about the current advances in treatments. Getting things to improve, truly comes from us pushing and proding.