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Xeloda 5 days on, 2 days off - Anyone?

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Hi all -

Has anyone tried the "Monday - Friday" Xeloda regimen? Essentially you take Xeloda for 5 days and then take 2 days off - repeat two more times for one cycle. So, in 21 days you actually get 15 treatment days instead of 14, but there are 2 respite days between each set of 5 treatment days. (But, there is no entire week off since you start again on Day 22)

I've been having a tough time with hand-foot with this Xeloda go round. This week is my "off week", but my onc and I discussed this alternative schedule - she says there is good data and that she has patients who tolerate this much better. Our plan when we restart next week is for me to closely monitor my side effects and if Day 5 is no worse than Day 1, then press on through the weekend with the normal 2 weeks on protocol. But, if my side effects are any worse at all on Day 5 than Day 1, even if not bad, stop for the weekend, start again on Monday and we'll try this alternative. I'm a little nervous about not having an entire week off, but on days 13-15 of this cycle I was really suffering and today (day 16) I am much improved, so even with advanced side effects, 2 days off has helped. I'm thinking there may be logic to 5 days on, 2 days off, but would like to hear from anyone who has tried this.

Thanks all,


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Hi Betsy

I never tried that schedule...I find it interesting and please tell me how it goes for you.

We tried varying schedules and adjusted dosages. The worst for me was for 2 weeks on and 1 week off and a total of 8 pills each day 4/4.

We finally got it down to 1 week on and 1 week off with 3 pills by morning and 3 pills by night and I finally tolerated that better.

It tore me up pretty good. I did not know what to expect because no one told me. And my feet got huge splits and cracks in them and I could literally pull my feet like onions, it was so bad.

I found this product at the drug store called Bag Balm. It is an udder cream with good emollient properties that put some moisture back in the skin.

If your hands and feet really begin to hurt try some of this. It allowed me to walk again so I could work.

Interesting regimen that you are starting, I await your findings. I think the body needs some rest between those doses but maybe your onc is on to something. Maybe I can present what you find to mine if I have to start that drug up again.

Take care

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I did the xeloda for 5 days on then 2 days off for 6 weeks,and the only side effects I had was some numbing of my fingers.I didn't seem to have any problem with my feet,but I was doing radiation at the same time,on the same days,and I did have problems after the chemo treatments,cramps,trouble walking,etc.The 5 days on,2days off worked ok for me,it may work better for you.

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