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Treatment Decided And Date Set

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I have decided to proceed with robotic radical prostatectomy and will have surgery on July 27. Although I am sometimes anxious about the recovery period in the first few weeks following the surgery (and beyond), I'm ready to move on with this next phase. My wife and I had a nice vacation planned to Maine and the NY/Adirondacks three and a half weeks after surgery, but I am inclined to think we will cancel. We originally scheduled this before my diagnosis. Side effects, healing and wanting to be close to my health providers seems to negate air/car travel that soon. Has anyone traveled that quickly? I realize that everyone's surgery and healing time is unique and will heed my surgeon's advice. PSA 4.56, Gleason 3+3=6, stage T1c, age 60.

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Congratulation on deciding on your treatment type. I can't speak on recovery following robotic, since I had open radical prostatectomy 8 1/2 yrs ago. In my case, and I think my situation was a little extraordinary, I was back to work in a management capacity within a month. I would guess at this point that you will probably be able to travel within that time frame. You might be having a little problem with incontinence, but I would not think it would cause you too much, if any, inconvenience while traveling.

I say all of this, but strongly urge you to talk with your surgeon for his opinion.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


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If my experience is any guide, I would think 3.5 weeks would be enough. I flew cross country 12 days after my surgery.

As Roger says, check with your doc.


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My robotic surgery date is set for August 12th. My Youngest son is getting married the last week of September in Bermuda and we are taking a cruise ship from NYC to Bermuda for the wedding. The Doctor thought I would be OK to go ahead and go on the Cruise. My main concern was having an 'embarssing wet moment' during the cruise or at the wedding itself but at least there are the depends undergarments to use.

3 1/2 weeks might be a little early on the vacation unless it is a very relaxing vacation. I guess that would depend on what you are planning on doing during that down time.

I'm age 54 and keep us updated on how you do following surgery.


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I had robotic surgery and was back at work in a couple of weeks and back on the volunter fd in three months. I'm 60 and had to work at work at recovery, as everyone does, I just never let up and can now relax and enjoy all the activities I used to enjoy. I am also one of the lucky dry survivors. Ed is another issue. Things have been improving but now the wife is having issues. Ya just can't win sometimes. She should be fine soon and I can't wait to get back to more therapy sessions.
Good luck and keep us posted.

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Bill...you should be fine for travel...but 2 things to consider...you may still be "wet" & will need pads (I was dry at 3 weeks) & you may still be sore in the affected area ( I was tender for 6 weeks) which may cause discomfort in a long car or plane trip. Lots of movement helped me recovered (playing tennis @10 days post-op). Good luck & keep the faith.

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Thanks to all of you. Your support and information is both helpful and reassuring. As for the vacation, we'll just wait and see. I'll keep you posted.

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