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Trans Anal Resection Surgery

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My husband had trans anal resection surgery December 2008. The mass was T2 when diagnosed initially. They did shrink it down to a T1 with chemo/radiation. He's done two of his three month PET/CT and CT scans. The first CT showed a small spot on right lung. The second set last month, the PET showed two spots on lung and pelvic lymph node lighting up. Had needle biopsy of lung. It has been determined this is rectal cancer cells. Started chemo two days ago and will do every two weeks.

Is there anyone out there who has gone through similar situation?

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Hi there

I am not familiar with the term that you are using.

I was dx with colorectal cancer and they did a rectum resection on me.

Recent CT and PET scans show me 2 spots on the "Pleura" of my right lung as well. The pleura is the outside membrane that is a protective covering of both lungs.

I have not had a needle biopsy yet, because the thinking is that we might miss the spot. I have met with a thorasic surgeon to consider a procedure called VATS, which is Video-Assisted thorasic surgery where they go in and look at the pleura and see what we are up against.

Right now, they are reviewing my scans and have to wait another week or so for them to get back to me.

Don't know if the tumor is operable, and don't know if chemo would work, I've had so much of it and immune system has been compromised, which would make it difficult to restart.

That's all I have right now, we are similar in our dx. I will be watching your case with great interest and maybe I can learn something that you are going through. When I know more I'll post about it and we can exchange ideas.

I'm sorry you are in the middle of this...the lungs are a scary place to be right now for me and you too. Praying and thinking about you.


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