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angeleno having trouble resuming life as normal...

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i'm a 22 year old gay testicular cancer survivor in culver city, i went to LMU and work in santa monica area, and am happy to be alive and happy to have gotten the cancer that i got because it has such a high survival rate if you catch it in stage one, but i've been emotionally scarred by the whole thing and am having trouble resuming my life back to normal and feel that i can't just forget about it. i lost my best friend to brain cancer when i was six, and think about why him and not me all the time. i feel like this is a chapter of my life that i can't close and forget about and must do something to be progressive about what happened to me. if anyone out there wants to give me some ideas to help me resume a normal life, please help. also, if anyone needs help with your own cancer or disease, feel free to message me or reply to this post. also, if anyone in the Los Angeles area has cancer or is a survivor, i'd like to get into contact with you and be your friend in real life. i'd like an ally to help me through this journey to help make a difference and touch someone's life.

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