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2nd port today, VERY nervous

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Very nervous today, I go in for a 2nd port on the left side. The 1st one gave me a nice long blood clot on the right. I changed doctors and hospital, my new doc tells me as long as I'm the blood thinners I'll be ok. I hope he's right, I have my 3rd round of chemo Wednesday. He will reduce my Oxy 13% because I've had a lot of side effects. I just want this over...............


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I've had 3 ports now. My first one failed as it was installed incorrectly by the surgeon. The second one gave me blod clots all down my right arm so I was on Coumadin. Now I have one in my left arm (since September 2008)and have no problems at all. NONE. It can be done and you'll be ok. It just sucks to deal with port issues when you have REAL issues going on...geesh!

Go do something FUN to get your mind off of it!

Grins and Giggles!


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That still has to be a bummer having to have another one installed because the first one isn't working. Hoping that this second one will be much better for you. Let us know how it goes. Good luck on your third round and hopefully reducing the oxi you won't have so many side effects.


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I, too, had my first port installed badly. We call the doc who did it Dr Doom. After weeks of struggles, my wonderful surgeon (who didn't place the first one) suggested that he give me a Smart Port. It is great! I don't feel it, and it isn't really visible (except for the scar.) It is on the left side. The nurses love it also. I do not feel the pokes or the removals with this new one. It was accessed the day after installation and it was easy-peasy from then on.

Good luck to you! Vicki

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Wise choice to change facilities Dave. My port went in OK but I've had issues with no blood return on it. I did have a test to make sure it's fine and it is. Sorry you have to go through it again but it sounds like you made a good choice. I know how you must feel with the chemo and all, I've been there too. Hang in there, you're almost a 1/4 of the way there.
Just curious, which of those 3 guys in your photo was your first doctor? My guess is the guy in the middle

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Thanks everyone for your comments, I have my new port. This doctor put in the smart port, I hope it's better. Now, in for treatment number 3 Wednesday.....can't wait.


yeah, curly was a good choice for my old doc.


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