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Bladder Cancer - Bag vs. Neo-Bladder

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Last month the took a tumor via/scope from my bladder. After (the biopsy,and ct scan) I was told bladder and prostate must go, this was verified with an oncologist Friday.
My big question has anyone had this dillema, my urologist advises the bag instead of the Neo-Bladder (from what I have read there are pros and cons on both).
A little info on me:
56 year old Marine Vet-minimal Viet-Nam, about 7 months in Thailand @ the Rose Garden.
Married with 2 daughters at home, 13 and 10 years old.
Hopefully returning to my construction job.
My surgery is scheduled for July 24 and am currently on Medical leave from work. Any help Ya'll can give will be greatly appreciated by me and my Family.

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I had cystectomy in April. Opted for neo-bladder but my body would not cooperate and the neo-bladder could not be installed. Plan "B" was the Urostomy bag. So far it's been OK. A little annoying but it beats being dead. Suregeon claimed that I can eventually do heavy lifting with the bag and be very close to "normal". My incision will take 6 months to a year to fully heal so I haven't tossed any lumber or rocks around as yet but I am confuident things will work out. May have been for the best becuase an aquaintance has the neo-bladder and he has difficulties self-catherizing which he has had to do more often than they said he would.

You do have a third option: a resorvoir that you simply insert and siphon 3 or four times a day. No stoma no bag. Some find this neat and easy. I didn,t give it much thought at the time, but it maybe a good option. Only advice I have is to think positive no matter which way you go. Good luck.

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gnomic: Thanks for the reply, you're about 90 days ahead of me I appreciate the info.
wish you the best of luck.
I got turned on to a great site you should check out - members are very active and very informed.
I use the same name there, please check it out.
I'm10 days and counting to next step

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Short story long, the doc recommended the neobladder to me. I am concerned about some of the complications that I may have with the neobladder down the road(I hate catheters!)and was wondering if the bag would be better. Some of the questions I have concerning the bag are: Does it get in way of your clothing/movement/lifestyle? How often does it need drained? Does it feel flimsy/weak like it could burst easy? I have about a month to make a decision before I am scheduled for the neobladder surgery and I wanted to weigh all of my options.

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LMFoster: Wondering how this turned out? My 60 year old father was just told today that his bladder and prostate must be removed this week. they are trying for the neo bladder. Wondering what you chose and why?
All the best to you.

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