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Posting from my hospital room...

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My TAH-BSO was Monday. The only tumor found was a 2 cm one in the uterus! Still have wait for path. report, but the surgeon thinks we caught it early!!! Feeling pretty good. Should go home tomorrow.

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Glad you are doing well and have the surgery behind you. I hope you get good news from the path report. Take care of yourself. HUGS to you.

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Keeping you in my prayers that the pathology report is good.


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Try to walk around as much as you can today and over the upcoming days. And go easy on the pain meds if you can, as it is scary enough to move your bowels after surgery without being constipated. (Prune juice may your best friend right now.) I had a hard time getting my digestive system to 're-awaken' after my surgery, and found that drinking very warm tap water, one glass after the next, was the only thing that made me feel better. (Wierd, huh?) The worst is over now. Compared to the surgery, I thought chemo and radiation were both much easier than those first few days after surgery. Just remember that after a handful of rough days, you will be feeling soooooo much better, so hang in there. ((((hugs))))

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Happy that the surgery is behind you. Take care of yourself as you heal. Praying for good news from your pathology report!

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May you have a speedy recovery.

Mary Ann

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So glad your surgery is behind you....and hoping that the results of your path report will be good. Rest well!

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