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I was feeling very confident until someone said: YOU HAVE ONLY READ AND HEARD FROM THE ONES WHO SURVIVED. Imagine the rest... I am three days away from surgery.. I am level 2 but I am now very concerned and feeling down. I will have the upper lobe of my right lung taken out and will be cut at the chest as well as the back, because the lymph nodes. I am now thinking of the surgery and coming out of it, inasmcu as this is a very serious procedure. My surgeon is a very famous and well known person on this particular field, so I feel good about that but there are high risks on this procedure, however once I am out I will just hope to wakeup to my beautiful wife's face. Right now am keepng away from people in fear of catching a cold or something. Any words of encouragement????


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Glenna M
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Hi DonCarlos, I don't know where you heard the "you have only read and heard from the ones who survived", but in my personal opinion that was a totally unncecssary and cold comment to make to anyone who is about to undergo any type of surgery. All surgery can be scary so we need all the encouragement we can get!

Please don't get discouraged, you mentioned that your surgeon is very famous and well known in this particular field so that would give me (personally) a lot of confidence that the surgery will be a huge success. You sounded quite hopeful and confident about making the decision to undergo this surgery and I hope you can find a way to forget this ridiculous comment and get back to feeling comfortable with your decision.

Neither of my cancers are operable but if they were I wouldn't hesitate to have any surgeries my doctors recommended. My personal feeling is that if they can remove the cancers then my chances of survival should be better than just receiving chemo and radiation. I'm still new at this as I have just started my first week of chemo and radiation so I am not as experienced as many others who post on here but I just wanted to try to help put your mind at ease.

Stay positive and have faith in your decisions. I believe you said in one of your previous posts that the surgery is scheduled for June 30th? I will be thinking of you and praying for you and I know you will wake up to see "your beautiful wife" and I'm sure she will be smiling at you because you are a brave man who has had to go through so much because of this horrible disease.

Best of luck to you and your wife, please post later to let us know how you are doing.

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Hi: Thanks. the person who said it meant well but its one of those where people think they are helping. I am sorry to hear that yours are not operable and I wish you well. I also remember that song "IT ONLY HURTS FOR A LITTLE WHILE" I believe that is going to be the case and after that I will be enjoying life again with my grand children. Sometimes it is better not to know so much about these things, but I am glad you guys are there and we can give each other so much support.

Good luck to you all and yes.....as soon as I am able to I will report back to you or have my oldest daughter do the posting if I cannot get to my PC.



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some people are very incentive 3 days before my surgery i had someone tell me the hospital i was going to almost killed her I chose to ignore one persons and trust my own judgment
i had my surgery 4 weeks ago ignore stupid comments some people cant even have surgery good luck

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