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Ro, love the new picture. Hair, hair, hair, isn't it wonderful!

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Your new pictures is really pretty!! I just got to see the new pictures today. Up until yesterday i only saw the old ones....strange, huh?
Anyway you look wonderful!!
Cookie :)

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It took me awhile to learn this trick. If you go to VIEW on your computer tool bar, and click on REFRESH from the drop-down box, all of the photos will update to the latest ones. I used to think that my own new photos weren't uploading, & then I realized I had to do this to even see my own changes. Hope this helps everyone. It's worth doing once a week or so, in case anyone has changed their photo.

I better get dressed. I'm going to lunch with a girlfriend. My diahrea is gone now that I'm done with external pelvic radiation. The internal radiation doesn't seem to affect my bowels. In fact, the internal radiation doesn't even seem to be affecting me in the bedroom, which is a complete surprise to me. I've only had 1 round, with 2 to go, but so far, internal radiation has had no side effects at all for me that I can tell.

PS: I LOVE seeing everyone's beautiful new hair! My own is almost a 'crewcut' now, almost, and is as crazy-soft as a newborn's.

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