Colon Cancer with mets to lungs and liver

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Hello everybody!!

I normally stay in the colon chat room but I thought maybe someone in here could shed some light on my situation.... or perhaps help. I had my tumor removed from colon but not before it left me with mets in lungs and liver. 4 in liver and about 16 in lungs..spread all across. However, this has been growing in me a long time (colon tumor was baseball size)and it has allowed a tumor on my lungs to reach about 2" since I had to wait 7 weeks after surgery to start chemo. I just started chemo yesterday. Standard cocktail. So I have yet to see how that works. I live in Illinois... seen a good onc. there...he said no surgery. I just always heard to get a second opinion so I came to M.D.Anderson in Texas. They said they would not give me any radiation or sugery...ever... because my tumors would just come back and they would have to be treated again... point? Is there a facility out there that will treat my large tumor...and others with radiation? There are so many different kinds RFA...these days that surely one would help. I have hope that this can at least be controlled but these doctors I am coming across sure don't think so. Can any of you help me??? Thanks so much!