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Nana b
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I got great news today!! I found out that I qualify for full medical benefits under VA. I served 15 years in the military and with my illness more then qualify for medical insurance. This is so great, because now if I have to go on LTD, I have medical benefits. My having to go on long term disabilty or being laid off was my biggest fear (other then the c word, that is)!

Thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

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That is wonderful news! Insurance can be very scary! Especially when there are so many digits behind that powerful $ sign!!!

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That's great you have coverage. I fear that with my job. I am the provider. Without it...rather not go there

Great news, you deserve it for sure!

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Glad to hear you got your benefits, it always come in handy! my hubby has great insurance at his job, I'm lucky to have it, he works hard for it, and it covers mostly everything the doctors want to do with me, I don't think even got a NO from them yet, about any kind of things I need for my journey through this cancer.


Fight for my love
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This is really great that you have good insurance coverage.My hubby has insurance,but when the doctor ordered a MRI for him, the hospital is still waiting to hear back from the insurance company.It's a kind of very upset when you are ill already,you still have to fight with insurance company.Anyway it's great to hear that you have nice coverage.Good luck to you!

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NanaB, I am happy for you. I don't know what we would do without hubby's insurance. And thank you for serving in the military! We don't say that often enough.

Many Hugs! Vicki

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Nana b -

Good to hear that our rich uncle is taking care of his warriors. May I ask you a favor? I haven't looked, but if you haven't do so, would you mind going to the "Military Cancer Survivors" discussion board and posting a blurb about your benefits and how you determined you were eligible? Navigating the VA system is mystifying to so many veterans and their caregivers. Any light you can shine will be very helpful for them.

Thanks for your service and glad to hear you're doing well!

- SpongeBob

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I am using my husband's TriCare Standard for my insurance during this scary and sometimes painful journey. After I reached $3,000 in out of pocket expenses, no more to pay. We've had a Champus supplement since my husband retired 18 years ago, so any out of pocket expenses are paid for by the supplement. I don't even have to pay for the many anti-nausea medicines I've been prescribed or any of my other medicines.
So far, TriCare has even paid for a $400 patch that lasts five days for nausea, unfortunately I was allergic to the patch and couldn't wear it but two days and it really didn't help. But then, nothing has so far. Sorry, getting off the subject.

Good luck,

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Ms. Nana,

What service were you in? 15 years and you didnt retire? May I ask why? I served 8, would have gone all they way but ended up getting orders separate from my hubby at the time and we had just had my daughter, so I got out. Then came out of the closet so , that would have ended it as well. I loved the Navy, it was my life, loved everything about it.

So you are just getting medical coverage? Thats great, I think we have a few semi colons on the board here that have gotten all their treatments from the VA with good results.

ANyway that is great news and I am happy for you.

God Bless

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I'm not even approaching the VA route until I've exhausted every other option. Way to many horror stories.

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Yes of course I will post, didn'nt even notice, there was a military board. I served in the Air Force, took an early out after being hit with a remote tour to GUAM.....didn't want to leave my kids....regrets for losing retirement, now with this illness, a bit.

VA does have it's stories, but when you're in a bind and you need chemo, it will have to do.

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I was station on Guam for 4 years, best time of my life there. If it were so far I would live there, but its like a 12 hour plane ride just to get back to the states. DIdnt want to be that far from the family incase something happened ya know. But I miss it to this day.


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Posts: 2598
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There's a joke about what the letters "G-U-A-M" stand for - a comment, I believe, on the lack of women there for single guys to date... "Give Up And...". well, we'll just leave it at that.

My first duty station was even a bit more remote than Guam; Johnston Atoll. Not quite as far away as Guam, but one of the more "remote" remotes a body can get. Only 150 people stationed there back then - there's like 7 there now. Everything has been decommissioned and it's been reverted to a marine sanctuary. The diving was the most amazing diving I've ever done.

File under "It's a small world"; on my first or second chemo treatment, the husband of one of my "chemo buddies" was wearing a Johnston Atoll tee-shirt. He had been commander of the Army Chemical Corps unit out there.

If you left at Air Force at 15 years to spend precious time with your kids, then you made the right decision for you. No regrets.

- SB

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Now dont go knocking Guam, but I would have to say that saying is probably true. Women did have the upper hand. Have you ever heard of a small island of Deigo Garcia, I think that is the name of it, it sound alot like the small island you were on. There was a big prostitution ring that got busted years ago. The women there were making thousands of dollars. It was a big deal back in the early 90's....

Anyway small world...


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you look so cute.....

Nick was in the Air Force - 21 years, retired. Desert Storm. Started out as a medic, then retired as Air Traffic Control. He says after we get married, Tri-Care covers me also, which is a good thing (although the VA hospital here isn't the best one). We figure that after he quits the Railroad job we have (he's going back to full time attorney) they will find a way to get rid of me also - I costed them lots of money this past year!

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Congratulations on that piece of news. I know it gives you a lot of comfort.

And I LOVE your picture. Very cute!


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