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Just diagnosed with anal cancer

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At least that's the current thinking. Even with a colonoscopy, blood work, two CT scans, one MRI and plenty of general exams, no one can give me a clear diagnosis. It's only been two months but I'm frustrated to say the least. My oncologist has decided to go ahead with anal cancer because well that's where Marty is. (Marty is what I've named the tumor... as in Marty, The Mass in My ***).

I have an appointment on Monday with a radiologist and then Wednesday with a colo-rectal surgeon. It's funny, but not in a Ha Ha way, that I'm busier now than I was before I was diagnosed.

Because I am unemployed and have no health insurance whatsoever, I feel my options are limited for second and third opinions no less certain tests. Because the MRI showed spots on my liver, it was suggested I get a liver biopsy. Oh sure. They wanted $850 up front. I told them I had $10 in my purse and they were welcomed to it.

I'm not afraid of losing my hair, being barfy, getting radiation burns... it's the bills that are going to do me in!

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