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My Dad

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My dad is dying of cancer. He played a big part in my kids lives. I am worried about how they will react after. Are there grief councelors available? I do not have any extra $ so i am looking for someone cheap.

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the American Cancer Society in your area, religious professionals in your area (if that fits with your philosophy of life), friends and/or acquaintances who have had similar situations, call counseling associates and centers near you. Beat the bushes until you get a handle on what is out there and then ask for the help you need, being up-front about your financial ability to pay. Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody....networking is key.
Good luck, and God bless.

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Try www.cancercare.org; they have free counseling for sorvivors and their families, either by phone or internet.
Your family is in our prayers,

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Let me tell you about my expierience, my mother cared for my son and daughter from 6 weeks till they were 10 and 12 while I worked. After that she still saw them daily and they were extremely close to her, she was like a second mom to them. I too was afraid of how this loss would impact them (they were 14 and 16 when she passed). Of course both were extremely saddened at the loss, but they did well. We talked openly about it to let them know it was coming so they would not be surprised or misled to think she was going to survive as she had done with previous cancer battles. They were also active in church and were able to discuss it with counselors there which was also a great help. You will all be in my prayers.


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I am so sorry for what you have to endure. If you do not have hospice you should really look into it. It is FREE and most are great to your dad, yourself family and friends. They have counselors, pastors, and will aid in comfort and pain management, they have volunteers to help you with caregiving to give you breaks to sit with dad for an hour while you go have lunch with friends or go to dct pick kids up at school etc... They have services to help keep up with housecleaning chores, shopping if dad stays at home all for FREE. They are sensitive to your needs and dads and great with children have support groups for you all.My mom passed 10 months ago and i took up grief counseling for myself and my children they were so wonderful helping them understand and deal with losing their only gramma(grandparent) they had in their lives. MY mom was there world as she was the only gramma. My youngest is 6,9, 14, 18 and hospice was their for them all plus anyone close to mom that needed support. Hope this helps.

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