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"Fighting My Way Through Breast Cancer With Poetry"

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Diana Ballinger
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When Diana Ballinger was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had no idea what lay ahead. The surgery, crippling side-effects of chemo and radiation, and the emotions that threatened to boil over pushed her to write for her life. This mother and wife feared she couldn't fight cancer and fulfill her family and work responsibilities. She dealt with the disfigurement, loss of employment and the travails of insurance by writing poetry. Ballinger knew she was more than her breast cancer. She wanted her daughter to have a normal life while she underwent treatment and she was determined to make that happen. What she didn't expect, is how much her daughter would help her. "Fighting My Way Through Breast Cancer With Poetry" takes the reader step by step through her journey. It is her first book. Ballinger lives in California with her husband, Dick and her 16 yr. old daughter, Ashley, and celebrated her 1 yr. anniversary as a survivor in Feb. 2009.
Hearing "you have breast cancer" is terrifying, the start of an emotional roller coaster. For the 1 in 7 who are diagnosed, Ballinger's book will help navigate the journey from diagnosis to survivor.

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