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Another Newbie...

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I'm 32 recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer, my oncologist gyn labeled it as Grade 1A. They started me on hormones as I do not have children and would like to so they are trying to give me that chance. I have had PCOS for about 10 years now which is already an infertility issue and would like to know if anyone here has attempted hormones, if anyone has had a successful pregnancy or any general advice. I'm hesitent to have the hysterectomy as it's so final in taking the option to have my own children away from me but I also do not want to get my hopes up and not be able to conceive.


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I don't know of anyone in your situation. My doctor told me that if I wanted to try to get pregnant, he would give me six months to try. I am 39 and we did not want to try, so I went ahead with the hyterectomy. As it turns out, it was a good decision as the cancer turned out to be more invasive than originally believed. They thought Stage I, ended up being a more aggressive cell type called uterine papillary serous carcinoma and had already spread to one lymph node.
I will pray for you and hope that you are able to conceive quickly ;)

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Thanks. My concern is that IF the hormones work, I'd have to go off them to try and get pregnant. If it takes awhile to get pregnant, the cancer comes back. I'm also single and would be doing it on my own if I was to try as soon as possible. Thanks for the prayers and I'm glad I found this site.

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So I've been having more bleeding and called the oncologist. I may have to go in earlier for another biopsy than the originally planned date of August 21st. I'm thinking the hormones ain't working...

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Hi! I'm reaching out hoping to hear good news as I'm in a similar situation. Hoping to hear from you soon. 

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If you click on the persons name you can see the last time they signed in to comment- both of these haven't been on in quite a long time. 

You and in my thoughts and prayers- I don't have answers for you but I'm sure if you keep posting on the main page someone will be along that can give you some more info or ideas.   (((HUGS)))

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