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vomitting following eliostomy reversal

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My wife underwent surgery in Sept,which was declared successful in removal of tumor(stage 2).She had eliostomy(which became high output) and in April it was decided to do a reversal.The surgery took 9 hours as I was advised she had also had an obstuction caused by scaring from original surgery.(in order to keep brief I am eliminating a lot of detail)After three weeks of TPN feeding she was released from hospital and placed on normal diet.What has developed since then is that nothing seems to stay down. no matter what she eats it creates nausea and she eventually vomits. As a result she is continuing to lose weight, and she is not a large person to begin with. She is also a health professional(nurse) and we are just very frustrated with what is happening. The pain from the surgery is still intense and she is taking Percocet for releif and also Maxaran which is supposed to aide digestion. Bowel movement while not completely normal is not a great concern, particularly given the limited intake of food and lack of appetite. The latter would seem nornal given that eating induces the vomitting. I am just reaching out for any suggeston someone may have who has expeienced similar experience.

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My reversal has been the worst experience since my treatment began. The pain I experienced was excruciating and could not be alleviated with any pain medicine. The pain was intense and was magnified by any movement. I basically laid in bed for 7 days while my doctors fumbled around looking for some pain medicine that would work. After about a week or so I asked my doctor to prescribe some aciphex in hopes that cutting down the acid would ease the pain some. Within 30 minutes I was feeling much better. Within 24 hours I wasn't hurting at all. I'm convinced the doctor damaged the inside of my intestine and I was feeling what was basically an ulcer. I only had to take aciphex for 4-5 days and my symptoms were gone. Hope this helps. If you think this might help, just ask the doctor for a few aciphex. My Dr prescribed a months supply and it cost $200.00. If it is an ulcer you'll probably only need 7-10.

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