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My Husband has stage 4 colon cancer

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Paula G.
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John is in right now having his 5th Chemo treatment. He saw the doctor before and I had some questions for him to ask. I wanted to know if the Pet Scan showed anymore lymph nodes involved ( cancer) He said that none showed up on the scan. We know that they took four at the time he had his colon surgery and only one was positive. He also asked how many tumors were found in his liver. He has one large one and three small ones plus a small amount in both lungs ( small flecks like sand ) and a small spot on his adrenal gland. The treatments he is on should be working on them all. The doctor is very pleased at how he is handling the Chemo. He also said that he won't rule anything out at this time. Meaning surgery. He said that usually they don't operate if it is in several locations. But he won't rule it out either. He said after the twelve treatments they will do another scan and we will take it from there. It has been so helpful to me to read all of your stories. I do have more Hope than before and feel he is in good care at this point. We didn't ask the questions at first because we were in shock or denial I don't know. From reading people's stories I have many more question but not at this time. Thanks to all of you that post your information. Because it has helped me out of my funk. Paula G.

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I'm glad we were able to help you out with this, I hope things continue to go smoothly.
That is why we are here, to help support and inform people about cancer and how we've gotten through it.

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Consider this the best family for support, laughs, comfort, answers, etc., that you will find on the internet.

Ask any question you feel is necessary. We will be here for support.

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First, I am so very sorry that you and your husband are facing a colon cancer diagnosis and treatment. To receive such a diagnosis is devastating. I know. My husband was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in 2006 and later his diagnosis was revised to stage four.

We felt all the awful emotions I know you and your husband face at this point--fear, anger, sadness and on and on. To be really honest with you, I was worried that my husband would not survive. He was 89 at the time of his initial diagnosis and we faced no small amount of ageism as we initially fought for his treatment (and his life). Fortunately, after his unsuccessful first operation, we found an extraordinary oncologist and an extraordinary surgeon (and and extraordinary cardiologist...but that is another story).

The really important point here is that I am writing you this note three long years later. It hasn't been an easy fight. There have been some supremely frightening moments. But...my husband is alive, enjoying his life and thriving. His most recent scans were just read and the radiologist said there was no evidence of cancer. As I write this note, he is out in the garage rowing on his Bowflex rowing machine!

Some people on this board have shorter fights, some have longer fights and some lose the battle. There are no guarantees and a colon cancer diagnosis changes your life forever. No one knows how your fight will be defined. What you must know, however, is that more and more people are winning the battle.


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