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11 down, 1 to go!

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Well, guys, I'm almost there! This one went well, nothing too bad or out of the ordinary. Onc says he doesn't need to see me the last time, but if my tongue and mouth act like they did last time and the hands, I need to call and he will discontinue the oxy. However, the nurse said that if I think I can take it, not to - so as the Little Engine That Could said...I think I can I think I can....better to finish the whole thing I think.

So then what, I go to see him June 6th and have blood work done, then I guess they schedule a CT scan.

Just a question - I want to bring the nurses a little gift - I've grown quite fond of my special nurse Karen, even leant her season 1 of 24, what would you guys suggest - cookies for the crew?

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Only one more to go!! You've done it!! Remember back when you were just starting the chemo and thought it would never end? Well, here you are... and you get the whole summer to relax, unwind, heal and get your body back to "normal" so to speak :)

I think the nurses would appreciate anything... the fact that patients remember them. Food is always welcome! I took mine a Fall flower/plant arrangement in a basket for their lunch room and attached Starbuck's Gift Cards to the basket, enough for every chemo nurse on the unit, whether I had them when I was in or not. They all are such fantastic people, I figured if one deserves something, they all do :)

But seriously... whether you buy something, or make up homemade cookies or baking, it will be appreciated.



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I sent the Chief of Staff a letter. I have found health care workers are little recognized and are quite moved when a patient takes the time to recall and recognize what they have done.

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If you can do it, then do it. The more the merrier? Just think of how many bad cells you're stopping if any are trying to get away.

You can't go wrong with cookies or candies either. I think that people who answer questions on this board should get a cookie too.

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Good for you. You are fighting hard.

As for the gift, I gave my chemo nurses hand carved angels. They loved them! I also took in brownies for the whole office. Whatever you give, as Cheryl said, will be appreciated.

Many Hugs, Vicki

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I finished the 11th round too last Friday, My oncologist believes in six months versus 12 treatments, were going for lucky 13. Two more for me. Its been something but I too can see the light at the end of this initial tunnel. Good grief my feet hurt but hey I'm tough as the rest of you. Fight on, Cancer is on the ropes. Congratulations on your 11th as well...


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Woohoo! That's fabulous. Tell cancer to get lost!!


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Only 1 more, that's awesome! It will be a breeze since you will know you won't have to go back! I've brought in Harry and David and cards. I think taking the time to find out some things about their lives and asking about them when I go in helps as well. If they look particularly harried I will make a point to try and speak with them and find out what's going on.

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to be nearly finished. My husband has had 9 of his prescribed 12 treatments and feels just about as happy as you are. Our daughter makes jewelry. She made colon cancer awareness earrings for every nurse on the chemo floor. They loved them and each time we go in some of them are wearing their earrings. Dr. even commented on the earrings so we gave him a pair for his wife. That's what we did!

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... so ecstatic that soon you will be doing your last treatment, I feel so happy and proud of you and Mike, I wish you the best of luck with the last, I have sheesh..8 more to go! but very happy that you are finishing! soon you'll be out celebrating! Hugsss to both you and Mike!


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Oh good girl...you getting so close. I think homemade goodies make a good gift....I was even thinking of a fruit-platter....I notice my nurses....there are only 2 of them don't get a lunch break.

I did 5 yesterday so just one more for me too.l finally got up the nerve to ask for emend and so far the nausea is better but not gone.

Good luck daydreamer....you are a tropper

hugs Mags

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Posts: 497
Joined: Dec 2008

is a trooper! everyone is tired of this stuff, the hurting hands and feet, nausea, all of it. I don't know how some of you continue on for years, only because you have to. We are all great people.

I don't know about anyone else, but during the treatments, aside from the hands and feet, I am feeling fine, been teased about wanting to paint the garage! It's crash and burn day (thursday, within a few hours of the pump coming out) that I feel my worst. Last night was awful, got the nausea, tossed the cookies, lymph nodes in my neck are swollen, got the sweats and the chills. Finally ate a little dinner and went to sleep, but damn! My mouth feels like an army trooped through it, gums and tongue swollen, just plain yucky.

I feel better this morning, but Nick made me stay home from work to rest. I've put myself back on a full time schedule at work, since my assistant decided she needed beach time, also got a second job and can't work weekends anymore, soon as this is over she's toast. I've started training my daughter.

Thanx for the gift ideas - gonna have to go with cookies i think - my crafting days have been temporarily suspended due to hurting hands!

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i am so happy for you.next week will be my #5 i just have to think if you can do it so can i,congrats just think only 1 more and you get to do the happy naked dance. prayers to you.....johnnybegood

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My nurse was named Karen as well. At the end of my first treatment I bought her a very nive statue of praying hands. She just loved it. I am starting my second to last round and soon I will be done too.... Cant wait...

I am very happy for you that this is almost over and then you can get back to your LIFE! I pray all is well and that all scans are clear!

God Bless

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