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Gall Bladder Cancer Metastasized to Liver

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My mom is at the end of her fight with gall bladder cancer.. She is only 58. She was diagnosed 9 months ago. Her doctors decided to proceed with chemo 1st.. 4 months into her chemo treatments her bladder gave her alot of problems and complications the doctors decided to remove it. She was in alot of pain. After the removal, the cancer spread to her liver, stomach and lymph nodes. I'm not a doctor and I stongly believe that if doctors knew it all, people would not be dying. Also, after her bladder was removed, we went to see a pain doctor for her pain. He ended up putting in a morphine pump since no medication was working for her. I wish that my mom would have had the bladder removed before they started chemo treatments. Maybe today she would have been doing alot better. Unfortunately, the doctors are not giving me any hope for her well being. I cry everday cause I just don't have a place in my hearts to accept this. Even though, she's still with me I am missing her terribly because this cancer is really deteriorating her. If there is anyone out there with similar story, please advise. God Bless


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I don't know that my story could give you comfort, and my heart goes out to you. My mother was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer about in October 2008 and I have questions that I don't seem to understand about this cancer. My siblings and I have little information so I've been doing alot of research on this type of cancer. It started out with gall stones and she had a part of her gall bladder removed in December 2008. I don't know what stage she is at, but from research I have to guess that it's at stage II. The doctor said it spread to the muscle and because of her age, which she is 76, is diabetic, has severe cirrhosis (she quit drinking in 1980), and has very little eyesight, the doctor suggested for her not to have chemotherapy, and just to enjoy her grandchildren. This was in January, he told her this. Right now she is experiencing pain in her abdomen, bleeding in her urine and more frequent urination than usual. She refused to be treated also. Before the gall bladder surgery, she said she would have the gall bladder surgery but will not have anything done about the cancer. So, now my siblings and I don't know what to expect.

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My Mom died of gallbladder cancer. She was 68-and extremely healthy before they found this cancer. She looked 58. My Mother always took extreme good care of herself. She was her correct weight, very active-loved ballroom dancing, and there is a lot more I could tell you. But mostly I want to tell you to go to the INCURABLES web site on Veria. Type in the incurables. It is stories about people that took traditional cancer treatments and decided this was not working for them and they wouldn't make it this way. So they sought out alternative cancer Drs. If I could go back to my Mom's illness-this is what I would have done. There are many people who survve with natural alternative treatments.

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