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Hello, I am a caregiver for my husband who was diagnosed with Papillary Thhyoid Cancer in Oct 2005. He has undergone Thyroidectomy, removal of his left parathyroid glands, and removal of the vocal chord nerve. Has received 3 RAI treatments, and another left neck disection, and resecting a nodule on the trachea. In Jan of 09 his Thyroid Cancer has metasisized to his brain, spine, ribs, pelvis, left hip, shoulders, left adrenal gland, and small nodules detected in lungs. Another surgery to remove two lesions on his brain (one on the brain stem). From there he received radiation to the brain, and spine, pelvis. He still has more radiation treatments, but had to postpone them due to low blood & platelet counts. At the moment he is stable, but complains of bad taste and unable to eat foods he likes. Has nausea almost everyday especially when he smells anything that does not agree with him.

Would anyone have any suggestions as to possible foods or meals I will be able to give him. We will try the ensure though not confident because very sensitive to taste of sweet and smell. Also, is there any hope he will regain his sense of taste again.

Thank you.

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Did he have RAI in the last few months?

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I'm not sure what will help, but I hope I feel better soon. I was told I'd have to be off my meds for two weeks befor the RAI test. I had a full thyroidectomy on March 2, and my TSH levels were above 10 when I went for my post surgery check-up. I was on Cytomel for 4 weeks and came off that on April 25th, and went on the low iodine diet. My blood work was done on May 8th, And my endocronoligist had the results Monday afternoon. He called the Hospital on Thursday and they scheduled me for the my test on Wed May 20th with the RAI to be administered on May 22. So I was on the low iodine diet and off my meds for a month, not 2 weeks and a few days. By the end of last week I felt terrible. I've been waking up most nights feeling sick, I've had a bad taste in my mouth for almost a week before they administered the RAI. I do feel worse since I had the RAI, and it's very hard to suck on so many lemon candies. I have just started putting lemons in water trying to kill to birds with onestone. So far I haven't had problems with dry mouth, just the sickness.

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