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Colonscopy after rectal cancer

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how often should I have a Colonoscopy after having rectal cancer?

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I also had rectal cancer.It depends on your doctor. I have been NED for one year now and just had my first colonoscopy since my surgery. They found one polyp and want me to have a flex-sig every six months and another colonoscopy in a year. I would think you would have one in a year and then every 3 after that depending on what they find, if anything. Good luck!!

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Hello! I read in the ACS booklets that the typical amount of time to get a colonoscopy after treatment is every six months after treatment for the first year, then once a year after that unless they're clean (no polyps), then every two years i think forever. That was mine plan, anyway! Having a rectal cancer history, i wouldn't let more than two years slide, especially for the first five years after treatment. After five years of no spread or recurrence, they consider us "cured".

Many hugs,

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I had a resection and temporary ileostomy in Feb 07. They did my reversal Dec 07. They did my colonoscopy 6 months later. They had to wait because I had soreness issues. I had a sigmoidoscopy with balloon dialatation Dec 08. My surgeon wants to do another colonoscopy in 2 years.

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